Wrapping Up National School Breakfast Week
Children At Risk

March, 2014


National School Breakfast Week 

Take a second to think about starting your day without a nutritious meal. Your stomach may growl, your brain is fuzzy, and you might be in a bad mood. Mom always said, "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!”. This past week, our nation put a spotlight on this beneficial meal. National School Breakfast Week began Monday, and schools across the country have emphasized the importance of eating breakfast to their students. The Center for Public Policy Priorities, with help from CHILDREN AT RISK, recently released an article about this vital meal. But why stop when this week is over? The importance of eating a healthy breakfast should be emphasized year-round!

Multiple studies agree: when students eat breakfast their academic performance improves, they have fewer visits to the nurse, and they make healthier food choices throughout the day.  Unfortunately, many students who depend on a school-served breakfast are unable to take advantage of this beneficial meal. Last year, more than 1.7 million students who were eligible for free and reduced meals did not start their day with a school breakfast.

In order to reduce these numbers, Texas legislators passed the “Breakfast Bill”, which will increase access to school breakfast for students across the state. Building on this momentum, CHILDREN AT RISK is working to bring attention to the importance of breakfast to school districts across the state. We hope you will join us in this effort!You can reach out to your local school board members, speak to your child’s principal, or call your local legislator to let them know how important school breakfast is to the lives of Texas students. Let’s make National School Breakfast Week last all school year!

CHILDREN AT RISK is coming to a city near you to educate your community about the importance of school breakfast. Visit our statewide calendar page to find out when we'll be in your town.