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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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How to keep tabs on the players, the issues, and the pulse of Texas
Vanette Sherrill

January, 2009

Imagine a service that scans hundreds of media outlets and compiles information for other organizations. A personal research and information retrieval service that is customized to search out and deliver information that will greatly benefit you and your organization as you conduct your business. These are the services of a company called Texas Press Clipping Bureau.

Who is Texas Press Clipping Bureau?

Texas Press Clipping Bureau is the news clipping, media monitoring, marketing research, public relations auditing service for all of Texas.

Started in 1910 by a colleague of one of the political giants in Texas history, Sam Rayburn, the service served as a means to keep tabs on the “political pulse” of the state – the players, the issues, political climate, legislation, and constituents via articles, letters to the editor, editorials, etc. published in Texas newspapers. Since those early days, the service has evolved to provide much the same information to a broader specter of organizations.

How can they help you?

In tough economic times, one might think “information” is a luxury. It is not. Barebones budgets leave no room for mistakes. It is crucial that every dollar spent be well-spent. You can avoid making costly mistakes by having the information you need to make smart choices. Marketing and public relations professionals all agree that an economic downturn requires a much more concerted effort for most businesses, but even more so for the non-profit.

If you are in a public relations or public information position and send out press releases, do you know who is publishing the press releases or calendar notices you are sending? Is the information in the article accurate? If it’s not, would you know?

You can certainly purchase every paper on your mailing/e-mailing list and read them every day looking for your release. Or, you can hire a service to do that.

Do you answer to a board who wants to see tangible results of your public relations or marketing efforts? A clip book speaks volumes when it comes to justifying budget expenses. To start one, you can purchase every paper in your area and read them every day looking for your organization’s publicity. Or, you can hire a service to do that.

What if you are in a marketing position and need to know if there are other organizations offering the same services in the same market at the same time or if there are companion organizations you can partner with to achieve your goals?

You can purchase every paper serving your market and read them every day looking for this information. Or, you can hire a service to do that.

Where do you look to find new sources of funding? Do you seek out grants, donations, or foundations from communities? How do you identify those who support your mission?

Do you need to create a database of contacts, clients, events, or resources?

Do you need new ideas for promoting your programs?

Are you looking for unique solutions? New approaches to ongoing challenges? Current information to share with your colleagues? Community support?

You can certainly purchase every paper on your mailing/e-mailing list or spend precious hours “surfing” the internet for this information. Or, you can hire a service to do that.

Texas Press Clipping Bureau has helped many individuals and organizations gain precious time and advantage by searching for articles or information of importance. Over an almost 100-year history, Texas Press Clipping Bureau has helped associations build membership, organizations identify benefactors, companies relocate, sales staffs find prospective clients, writers research, and even the IRS find lottery winners.

A lot has changed since 1910 but the need for information has not. What has changed is the volume and variety of resources that carry information and that each media outlet – print, internet, and broadcast – has its own unique audience.

Through access to thousands of newspapers and magazines, the internet, and broadcast news reports, we are able to capture, compile and deliver valuable, focused information to those who want to maximize their efforts and results in their chosen fields.

For a personal consultation on how to create a custom clipping service to benefit you and your organization, please call at 800-458-9602.


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