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Monday, January 22, 2018

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A magnificent fine tuned socially responsible machine, take the Pew Technology Test, the Pew Political Typology Test, and the Pew News IQ Test to see what you know....
Jacqueline Beretta

October, 2007

I want to be a fine tuned socially resposible machine...... 

It was a goal of our founding fathers. A creative way to leverage change…. encouraging social connectedness and assuming responsibility for the quality of life all our citizens have.

Our Democratic fathers encouraged all of us to invest in our infrastructure to promote positive and strategic solutions to drive change.

It means that when people with a common purpose unite for a common goal, more is accomplished than by a lone person trying to accomplish something. More research can be carried out, more people can be educated and more good can be attained. Knowledge feeds off of knowledge. When people have the right to, and take advantage of their right to unite - so many great things are accomplished.

Apply this to philanthropy. You have wealthy individuals with the intent to make change opt to contribute a portion of their assets into a vehicle called a foundation. They define their mission and goals with the purpose of dispersing a portion of its value annually to nonprofits that mirror their mission. Its two entities coming together – one with funds and the other with the capability of transforming communities.

By working together instead of apart, doors to funding are more readily opened as granting institutions are impressed with organizations that are serious enough about the issues to find the best possible road to a solution that makes sense. Its called collaboration – sounds simple but it is a big job.

The Pew Trusts have three test that you have got to take - they are fun!

A really fun quiz to take at the Pew Internet & American Life web site is the Technology Typology Test…..based on your answers to their questionnaire, you can see where you fit in this increasingly growing world of technology.  I happen to be an Omnivore myself!  An Omnivore makes up about 8% of the US population and is mainly male, median age of 28, and mostly white. You can see them constantly on their laptops, blackberries and i-phones, typing text messages, and listening to their I-pods.

Funny - I don’t fit the demographics of an Omnivore – but that would be me!  If you want to take this quiz to find out if you are an Omnivore, a Connector, a Lackluster Veteran, a Productivity Enhancer, a Mobile Centric, etc., go to  It’s fun!

Another quiz is the Beyond Red vs. Blue: The Political Typology Test. With this test, Pew tries to sort voters into homogeneous groups based on their values, political beliefs and party affiliation. You could be an Enterpriser, a Social Conservative, Pro-Government, Conservative, Upbeat, Disaffected, etc.  Not telling you what category I fit in…..J  To take this fun test go to

And finally, there is one more – I just can’t resist showing you all of them. It is the Updated Pew News IQ Quiz. How news saavy are you? Go to find out. You will be surprised.

A neat comment this week: Donna Orender, President of the WNBA gave us some wise words on what kind of example we are out there. "As a leader, you have to recognize that you are a touchstone for people around you. They look to you for so many different cues about how they should be feeling about issues."

And finally, a report from Houston - "The Business of the Arts: A Look into The Economic Impact of the Arts on the Houston Region" - reported that in 2004 the nonprofit arts in Houston earned $626.3 million, employed 14,115 full-time jobs and generated $69.5 million in local and state government revenue. And apparently 9.2 million people attended an event of some sort. 

New trends in fundraising for your school - I honest love how honest we are becoming these days. After spending years and years fo my life buying ugly wrapping paper, cards and cookie dough from my 3 children's schools.....supposedly raising money for their school (but maybe in fact raising more money for the paper company itself)....I hear the days of door to door school kids may be over. Because it may be risky today, we are devising new ways to raise money.

One way is just to write a check. Yes - we can pull out the old check book and save alot of people alot of time and energy as well as the cost of doing business. many public schools have started their own foundations to solicit private funding.

Other schools are conducting re-cycling programs (from paper and bottles to ink cartridges to mobile phones), partnering with search engines like Yahoo that donates to the charity of the advertisers choice.

Supposedly the biggest challenge is getting parents to change their habits to support these new opportunities. Maybe a point system for parents who change?

I have only one request..... please keep the bake sales - they are fun and the kids and parents love them!



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