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Sunday, January 21, 2018

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Getting Our Texas Ducks in a Row
Jacqueline Beretta

September, 2005

The idea that our lives can be changed forever in a split second is something we talk about – but it could never happen to us – famous last words?

In the meantime, bureaucracy tells us that if we can keep holding our collective breaths, no one or thing will come to blow our house down. We are impenetrable – we are safe. Ahh, but remember the Three Little Pigs? It took two tough lessons to teach the third pig to think proactively and prepare. Something to think about, isn’t it?

We have much to do to rebuild the foundations of our entire country – much less Texas. We are learning this over and over - year after year. But what are we doing about it? Talk is cheap – and engaged dialogue that goes on for years, is even more reprehensible. And huge studies of what ifs that go unheeded are unacceptable. Actions rule.

It has just been brought to our attention one more time that we are defenseless against the powers of nature, that we cannot predict the actions of others against us or for us, and that our greatest enemy is usually ourselves. But this is what we can do - we CAN make a serious effort to do something constructive and build a brighter future for Texans.

We can take steps to shape the future of Texas, and we will ensure that future generations have a beautiful earth to inhabit. As I said before, someone has to do it – so why not let it be you? Let it start in your home, in your school, in your city – with you.

1) Let’s provide a safe existence for our families.
Be good examples by taking charge of our own lives. Encourage the institution of marriage. Let’s take time to play with our wives, husbands and children – really play – have great experiences together. Listen to each one of them, hear what they are saying. Hear their pain and their happiness. Let’s make sure our children are safe on the streets, and can ride bikes and play without fear. Make sure our children are educated and learn self – discipline – don’t spoil them except with love and attention. Let’s do our part to be good examples in our communities – in other words – let’s walk the talk. Live morally and ethically. Let’s create great heroes here at home – the positive kind. Treat our neighbors well.

2) Educate all our children.
Give every child, regardless of race or color, the opportunity to learn and flourish. Teach them liberal arts such as history and current events so that they can understand and respect the culture of the world around them. Envelope them with art and music so they can see harmony and joy every day of their lives. Give them precious books to read so they can find solace deep in the pages of lovely literature and imagination. Teach ethics so they will learn to discern the difference between right and wrong. Teach finance and accounting principles so they will not be clueless on handling money and investments that provide a comfortable life later on down the road. Teach math, science, and computer literacy including basic accounting so they can keep up with the fast changing pace of the world. Teach them how lucky they are to live in a free country…..and teach them to share their wealth with others less fortunate.

3) Act as ecological stewards of our world.
Teach our children about the beauty of nature – lie in the grass and watch the clouds changing shapes as they slip across the sky. Marvel at a lady bug that lands on your finger tip, and then watch her fly. Spend time enjoying the beauty of our land and be grateful for our green spaces, our forests, our deserts, and our gardens.

4) Store up our infrastructure.
We need to be wary of every decision we make right now regarding our cities. We should make sure they are up to date, strong, and secure. We need to take care of our streets, our methods of transportation, and our buildings. Lets clean up our cities and make sure we are making safe decisions for the future.

5) Let’s collaborate and work on the same team.
Strategize – brainstorm – what is our ultimate goal – and plan how to get there. Get rid of political agendas and make sure we do what is right for all of us. Get on the same page – if you are duplicating another groups work – call them up and see if there is a chance to work together

6) Let’s stay cutting edge globally.
How? Education – education – education. Treasure our teachers, update our methods of education, encourage

7) Cherish our differences + celebrate our rainbow of color.
After all, who wants a homogenized boring society? Love the colorful saris, the elegant kimonos, the great leather chaps that cowboys and charros wear, and the beautifully embroidered Mexican dresses. We are so lucky to have all of those here in Texas….and a plethora of customs to enjoy – we could have a festival every day of the year!

8) Become financially responsible.
Pass on stories and lessons to our children – even fairy tales have lessons to share. Give our young people lessons in managing assets in the schools. Save, and then save more….be good examples. Manage debt wisely – control your credit cards. And, as we all know, prepare for retirement and unexpected events.

9) Become responsible for ourselves and quit blaming others for
your mistakes.
Let’s hold ourselves and others accountable for actions. Do not encourage litigious behavior.

10) Follow the law.
How? We follow the law – it’s that simple.

11) Honor and respect our fellow Americans? A soldier? A fireman? A mother? A father? A child? A carpenter? All the above and more…..learn to respect and appreciate all those who help us lead our every day life.

Finding joy in life; taking pride in our cities; supporting each other to go forward with the Lone Star Spirit. As we say at TXNP, lets Build Community Deep in the Hearts of Texans….and lets get ready to thrive.


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