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Sunday, January 21, 2018

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SPEAKEASY this Friday & Saturday at Lawndale!
Lawndale Art Center

April, 2016


featuring David Dove/Jawwaad Taylor and Charalambides; 
Helen Money and Soldier Kane
Friday, April 29 - 30, 2016
7 PM
**$30 General Admission for LAC Members

Cold beverages generously provided by Saint Arnold Brewing Company.
Friday, April 29, 2016
7 PM
**$18 General Admission for LAC Members

David Dove/Jawwaad Taylor
For almost 10 years, trumpeter/rapper/producer Jawwaad Taylor and trombone player David Dove have crafted a music that seeks the plasticity and responsiveness of free improvisation, while maintaining the integrity of its influences. Trombone (pitched down, creeping slow from subwoofers), live electronics, and the free-est of freestyle MC-ing are among the many layers that construct long-form and widely dynamic spontaneous music.

For their first Houston appearance in nine years, Charalambides will stretch and explore compositions featured on recent releases by the band and singer/ writer Christina Carter. Contemporary Charalambides performances oscillate between the poles of charged, pin-drop silence and layered guitar roar, often in the course of the same song.

Saturday, April 30, 2016
7 PM
Co-presented with Table of the Elements
**$18 General Admission for LAC Members

Helen Money
Helen Money (Alison Chesley) is a Los Angeles-based cellist, composer, performer, and recording artist who has become known for her intense, unconventional solo compositions that transform the cello into a thrilling, cathartic rock instrument. 

Soldier Kane
with a presentation of masterworks by photographer Art Kane
Downtown NY music legends Jonathan Kane (guitar, drums) and Dave Soldier (violin, banjo) performing as Soldier Kane harness their collective experiences into a singular sound encompassing minimalism, blues, noise, jazz, soul, country, and the great American songbook.
Soldier Kane will play live in front of projections of Art Kane's groundbreaking photographs spanning the 1950s to the 1990s. 
David Dove/Jawwaad Taylor
David Dove and Jawwaad Taylor met at a Nameless Sound concert at Houston's ElDorado Ballroom in 2004. Since then, they've released two albums (Scattered Remains in the Now in 2008 and These are Eyes, See? in 2013), toured the East Coast, performed in Mexico, and collaborated in larger ensembles on numerous other projects. 
A trombone player, composer, improviser, and educator, David Dove has given performances and workshops across North America and internationally. As Founding Director of Nameless Sound (a nonprofit organization in Houston, Texas), he curates/presents a concert series of international contemporary creative music, and has developed an approach, philosophy and practice of creative music education based on creativity and improvisation.
Jawwaad Taylor is a homegrown Houstonian who recently returned after soaking up the good vibes of New York City. He has performed with jazz, free jazz and improvisers as well as hip hop artists from all walks of life. The list includes The Roots, Kid Jordan, The Pharcyde, William Parker, Joe McPhee, Wada Leo Smith and Al Foster. He studied and participated in workshops with Pauline Oliveros, and was a member of the Nameless Sound Youth ensemble. 
Charalambides, founded by Tom and Christina Carter, formed in Houston in 1991 amid a flock of fearlessly exploratory rock bands. The band went on to produce a flood of releases, beginning with 1992's Our Bed is Green on their own Wholly Other label, and continuing with dozens of LPs, CDs, and cassettes on labels such as Siltbreeze, Eclipse, Time-lag, kranky, and their own Wholly Other imprint.
In 2016, Drawing Room Records will release Strangle the Wretched Heavens and Glowing Raw, two LPs of material spanning the years 1995-1998 and featuring guitarist Jason Bill. Charalambides's most recent studio release is exile, released on kranky.
Helen Money
Helen Money is the nom de guerre of Alison Chesley, a cellist who emerged out of the 90s rock scene in Chicago as a member of Verbow with guitarist Jason Narducy (Bob Mould Band, Superchunk) and since has become known for her own music, solo compositions that are "intricate, beautifully played songs that bristle with melody, distortion and intent" Chicago Tribune. Called "A classical- cellist-turned-avant-metal virtuoso" by the Boston Phoenix, Chesley has released three albums with a fourth scheduled for release this Fall on Thrill Jockey Records, featuring Jason Roeder on drums and Rachel Grimes on piano. She has played on over 150 albums with artists such as Bob Mould, Mono, Anthrax, Broken Social Scene and Russian Circles and has become a prime opener for many important bands such as Shellac, Neurosis, Sleep, MONO and Bob Mould among others. She currently resides in her home town, Los Angeles, California.
Soldier Kane
Jonathan Kane is a downtown NYC legend, as leader of Jonathan Kane's February, co- founder of the no-wave behemoth Swans, the rhythmic thunder behind the massed-guitar armies of Rhys Chatham and the rock excursions of La Monte Young-and as one of the hardest-hitting drummers on the planet. His critically acclaimed releases "February," "I Looked At The Sun," "The Little Drummer Boy" and "Jet Ear Party" power guitar-driven minimalism into the blues, and the blues into guitar-driven harmonic maximalism. Kane currently performs with Jonathan Kane's February, and with Dave Soldier in the duo Soldier Kane. The son of photographer Art Kane, he co-edited the recently released book 'Art Kane' on Reel Art Press.
Composer Dave Soldier's projects include the Thai Elephant Orchestra consisting of 14 elephants in northern Thailand, the cult Delta punk band the Kropotkins (with Jonathan Kane), The People's Choice (The World's Most Unwanted Music), the Soldier String Quartet, the Brainwave Music Project, and coaching children to compose their own music in Harlem, Brooklyn, and Guatemala. He has performed as violinist, guitarist, and composer/arranger with Bo Diddley, John Cale, Kurt Vonnegut, and many others, appearing on over 100 CDs, including nearly 20 featuring his compositions for classical and jazz musicians. During the day, Dave Soldier is neuroscientist Dave Sulzer at Columbia University, where he is Professor of Psychiatry, Neurology, and Pharmacology.
Art Kane (1925 - 1995) was one of the most influential photographers of the twentieth century. A bold visionary, Kane's work encompassed fashion, editorial, celebrity portraiture, travel, and nudes with a relentless and innovative eye. In 1958, Kane assembled the greatest legends in jazz and shot what became one of his most famous images, Harlem 1958. In the 1960s and 1970s, he photographed, among others, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Janis Joplin, The Doors, Aretha Franklin and Bob Dylan. While the battle for civil rights and the Vietnam War raged, Kane was refining a conscientious response to the period with his editorial work, accessible and populist in its ability to communicate to a large audience. Art Kane's contributions to the medium of photography continue to resonate throughout the industry today. His work remains unmatched. 
A special thanks to Bradly Brown, Lawndale Artist Studio Program participant, and Pete Gershon, Lawndale Programming Committee Member, for their curatorial efforts in making this inaugural event possible.
Lawndale Art Center is proud to present this new program initiative that re-envisions Lawndale's "Speakeasy" series that took place from 1993-2002. This series will cast a reflexive eye on Lawndale's historical relationship to live music and performance, as well as the exploration of issues in contemporary art.
**LAC Members please call 713.528.5858 to obtain Members-only discount code.


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