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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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February E-Newsletter
Children at Risk

February, 2016

February 2016
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Dear Friends,
Last summer, CHILDREN AT RISK (C@R) launched The Early Investment Project to examine public investment in young children across Texas. As you may know, 90% of brain growth occurs before age 5, making early learning opportunities critical for long term success. Texans must work together to ensure that public dollars are coordinated to meet the needs of families and employers, and to maximize early learning opportunities.
nullThis month, C@R visits seven cities to engage local officials and organizations; meet with parents to discuss perception of quality child care; and urge local school districts to apply for Pre-k quality funds. You can read more on our blog, and stay tuned for the full early education report including policy recommendations in September 2016.
Very truly yours,
Dr. Bob Sanborn
President & CEO
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School Food Rankings - Top Districts Revealed
With nearly 1 in 5 Texas households struggling with food insecurity, there is a pressing need for strong and well-performing school meal programs. On January 21, C@R hosted a press conference joined by Dallas ISD and the U.S. Department of Agriculture to celebrate the release of the School Food RankingsRead more online see the Top Performing Nutrition Departments, and learn how and why C@R evaluates the ability of large Texas school districts to provide meals to low income school children.
Journal of Applied Research on Children
& Journal of Family Strengths 
The Journal of Applied Research on Children is proud to publish Volume 6, Issue 2: "Nutrition and Food Insecurity," in which authors explore the prevalence and resulting effects of undernourishment and food insecurity, and potential interventions and policy to address these issues.
The Journal of Family Strengths is proud to publish Volume 15, Issue 2: "Multiple Dimensions of Literacy in Families and Communities," in which authors address the growth of literacy in the areas of health, culture, vision and genetics.


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