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Monday, January 22, 2018

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Meme Contest for #GivingTuesday
Writer's Garret

November, 2015

let's give the gift of words!
Those who enjoy reading and writing perform better in school, 
show more social & economic mobility, 
and give more to others!   

This year we are kicking off with a contest for the best #GivingTuesday meme 
for The Writer's Garret! 
The winning memes will receive 
FREE one year FAMILY gift memberships 
to The Writer's Garret ($75 value), 
and be prominently featured in our #GivingTuesday campaign.
Simply send your memes by reply email to or submit them on 
The Writer's Garret Facebook page
by December 1st at 12:00am. Winners will be announced and notified on #GivingTuesday!
Here is an inspirational, true story to get you started...
One little girl had no voice.
Too shy to speak as I asked her name, she only smiled silently as all the rest clamored to tell their stories.
Gathering around a South Dallas table, many of these young writers wrote with abandon as I helped others transcribe what they dictated. The stories were precious and touching. The silent girl came to stand by me as I wrote another child's story.
Eagerly, she watched the words take shape and flow into a brand new narrative, one the world had never known. I finished and read the story to back to the young author, and sheer joy lit his face. I turned to our silent witness and asked if she wanted me to write down her story, too. Eagerly she nodded, but initially no words came out. Then she opened her mouth and... 
"There was a flying tree. It was sad and losing all its leaves. There was a little fairy named "Small" in a rose bush. And she left and saw a big apple tree, and she saw a real tall star..." 
Her story went on, her voice finally heard and words finally written.
So many voices long for discovery. Language, exclusive to humans, connects us all. The written word shapes ideas into the most profound of all social tools.
Writers in a garret bring out words typed and bound, read by untold numbers for generations, touching hearts and minds and changing lives. Creating is not reserved for a few; it is our place here to leave something no one else in all time could possibly contribute. 
 Make this season an opportunity to contribute to others learning the power of the written word.
 A 2010 study found the human brain actually grows  
more tissue from regularly reading stories  
in as short as six months.   
The human brain makes little distinction 
between reading about a fictional experience 
and encountering the experience first hand in real life.  So, we put more life into our lives!
People who read and write regularly  
show greater empathy, are more skilled critically  
and creatively, and demonstrate greater social responsibility and economic success.   
Reading and writing ameliorate stressful lives.


How do we make a difference?
Nearly 100% of The Writer's Garret program funds directly support educational, mentoring, and outreach projects for challenged populations. We send writers into schools, social-service and health agencies, 
and communities to share their passion for reading and writing.

And, it works!


If you help us...      
  • $15 provides a writing lesson plan for hour-long neighborhood enrichment programs open to everyone.
  • $25 funds classroom instruction for six children in an after-school enrichment program.
  • $50 offers solace to children impacted by Cancer through a full hour of writing therapy or bereavement expression.
  • $100 makes possible two hours of training mentors and social workers working with abused and neglected children and youth.
  • $500 supports homeless tweens & teens through a full week of working with a writer, learning to give voice to personal frustrations (Listen here).   
  • $1,000 generates a deep sense of pride for "at risk" children and youth by allowing them to see their names in print inside a professionally designed anthology of their work. 
  • $5,000 provides for an entire book of children's literature to be designed, published, and distributed with a special THANK YOU in print.
  • $10,000 keeps our doors open for over a month OR underwrites our entire mentoring program for two months OR develops writing prompts and apps for young people to learn reading and writing OR enables us to pilot programs on-line in order to reach tens of thousands anywhere in the world, any time. 
Sometimes changing a life
                     is just a matter
                 of finding the words...
Shop ON-LINE at all your favorite stores, but register through this link
and a portion of your searches AND purchases go to The Writer's Garret!

Are you interested in Board Service, helping as a volunteer, mentoring a child, and / or making a difference in the future of The Writer's Garret? 
Contact us here.


2 Video Cameras

2 Tripods

School supplies:

Construction paper

Notebook paper

Chart Paper

Glue sticks

Blue / green masking tape

Map pencils







Click here if you can't contribute money right now but would like to donate time or other goods and services to help The Garret.


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