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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Free Webinar: How to raise money for charity via Facebook
Tom Ahern

August, 2015

On Sept 7, repeated on Sept 10
A FREE webinar that could change how you fundraise....


Sean Triner is co-founder of Pareto, Australia's most successful direct mail and telephone fundraising agency.

Pareto has spent the last six years figuring out one very interesting thing that you also might like to know:

How to raise money for charity via Facebook.

In this FREE webinar you'll hear the amazing story of Soi Dog.

Soi Dog is a small animal welfare charity based in Bangkok, Thailand. And Soi Dog now hauls in ONE-HALF MILLION DOLLARS A MONTH in gifts from Facebook alone.

And who exactly is making those gifts to this little charity in Bangkok?

Women 45 and older in the US.

See, that's the thing: Facebook makes it possible for a small charity to go big ... halfway around the world.

Can Facebook help YOUR charity raise loads more money?

Find out for sure by signing up for either the Sept. 7 FREE webinar at 4 PM NYC time ... or the Sept. 10 FREE webinar at 9 AM NYC time.

And why is this earth-shattering webinar FREE? Because Sean is a do-gooder vegan beekeeper nicey-pants who's happy to share what he knows.

By the way, I'll be the MC. Hope to see you there!

-- Tom Ahern 






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