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Monday, January 22, 2018

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GCBO July e-news
Gulf Coast Bird Observatory

July, 2015

Staff Migrations

After leading GCBO from infancy to authority on Gulf of Mexico bird conservation, Cecilia Riley is retiring on July 31. Associate Director Chris Eberly was promoted to Executive Director last month and Cecilia will continue as a consultant and Director Emeritus until her retirement. Through Cecilia's leadership GCBO established its 71 member Site Partner Network, established permanent endowments for land acquisition, assisted partners throughout the Americas in protecting more than 17,000 acres of tropical forests in 10 countries as well as thousands of acres in the U.S., conducted many avian field studies, spear-headed the completion of the new Avian Conservation Science Center and much more. Congratulations on 18 years of making a difference for birds and habitats around the Gulf of Mexico Cecilia!

Secure Your Inaugural Walkway Paver Now

We are almost ready to have our first pavers engraved and installed! GCBO invites YOU to be in the inaugural group of pavers on the path leading up to the steps of the Cecilia Riley Avian Conservation Science Center. Please join us in "cementing" your legacy for everyone to see. Visit our website to download a paver order form, or purchase directly through our on-line store. Please join us as a permanent fixture in our future!


Smith Point Hawk Watch

Believe it or not, it's time to get ready for the hawk watch! As it has the last few years, the Smith Point Hawk Watch will begin on August 1. This year one of our counters from 2008, Bob Baez, is returning to staff the count. Bob is excited about coming back to Texas and we hope you all will welcome him. He will be on the tower from 8:00 to 4:00 each day and will be happy to show you birds, give id pointers, sell you a t-shirt, or just have a good chat about birds. Volunteers are needed to record, count, spot, or keep the lead counter energized on slow days. Bob enjoys teaching hawk identification but it works best if volunteer counters have some bird watching experience. Recording and spotting only require enthusiasm! If you can volunteer this year, please contact Sue.

Get Ready for XHX

It's that time again. We are gearing up for Xtreme Hummingbird Xtravaganza in September. The first Ruby-throated Hummingbirds making their way south for the winter will arrive this month. They will continue through the end of October so if you are a hummingbird enthusiast, its time to get ready. We will hold our XHX event at the peak of their migration, the middle two Saturdays of September, the 12th and 19th. The success of this event depends greatly on volunteer participation so if you want to volunteer to help, contact Carol


GCBO Summer Interns

This summer GCBO has two interns assisting around GCBO with many tasks. Craig Bradley is a college student and has been helping document Whooping Crane activity from videos Felipe has archived. Karina De Leon is a return intern from last summer and part of the Texas Workforce Solutions Summer Work Program. We have lots of gardening, plant nursery maintenance and data entry for her to assist with. We are happy to welcome them both and appreciate all the help they are providing.

GCBO Has a New Address

We have long had problems with people finding us because our address is non-standard. With the new Cecilia Riley Avian Conservation Science Center in place, we are working with the Lake Jackson post office to change that. Our official address is now 299 Hwy 332 West, Lake Jackson, TX 77566. Only the street number has changed. Next time you come by use your GPS and it should lead you right to our front door!

GCBO Wish List

We have a few needs to help keep our sanctuary in good shape and we're hoping that some of you have a need to rid yourself of a few items. Take a look and see if you can donate any of these items to help us out. We will be happy to provide you with a tax donation letter for your efforts! Thanks so much.

                       - small air compressor
                      - leaf blower
                      - heavy duty vice
                      - refrigerator for field office
                      - volunteer willing to be trained and
                        assist with grounds mowing


Monthly Bird Banding at GCBO

photo by Brooks Short

Don't miss our July bird banding session! In June we caught this feisty Downy Woodpecker. This month we should be catching some babies and that's always entertaining. Bird banding will be the third weekend of the month on Saturday July 18. The Gulf Coast Young Ornithologists will also meet the same day at GCBO. Bird banding starts at 8:00 and ends at noon. Remember, the birds get up early so the earlier you are here the more you will see. Seeing birds in the hand is a great way to get kids excited about wildlife, but all ages are welcome. See the map on our webpage for directions or use your GPS to take you to 299 Hwy 332 West, Lake Jackson, TX.

Photo of the Month

This month's photo of the month comes from GCBO member Debbie Repasz. Debbie snapped this great photo of a Black Skimmer family at the Dow Skimmer Day event in late June.

Bird Tip of the Month: Last month we pointed out the importance of providing water for birds during the hot summer months. This month we'd like to remind you to keep your water sources clean. Just like for humans, birds can pick up diseases from dirty water so make sure you scrub out your bird bath every now and then to keep it nice and fresh for our feathered friends.

Our Vision is a healthy ecosystem with abundant space for birds to survive and thrive around the Gulf of Mexico. | Telephone 979-480-0999


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