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Sunday, January 21, 2018

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IEAS - There's Still Time!
International Exotic Animal Sanctuary News

August, 2014

International Exotic Animal Sanctuary News

Just over a week ago, the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary welcomed home two American black bear cubs from Alaska.Tommy and Tuffy are almost 6 months old, and came from the wild, where they were left orphaned after the loss of their mother. Wildlife officials made the decision to euthanize the mother bear when she became a potential threat to the public as she repeatedly ventured into heavily populated areas in "trash related incidents." Fortunately, her cubs didn't suffer the same fate and will spend the rest of their lives at IEAS.

These two new additions to the Sanctuary family bring the added benefit of being the perfect friends for last addition, Timmy. Tommy and Tuffy, being of highly compatible age and size for Timmy, were introduced to him first through a fence. This allowed them to comfortably sniff, meet, and learn about each other. Then, just days ago, the three were let into the same area. They hit it off immediately (check out the video below for a glimpse at their first interactions)! Timmy is loving playtime with his new companions. Tommy and Tuffy are definitely open to their new "brother" and are spending time learning about him and their new home. The relationship is still very new for all three of the cubs, but as they learn and grow together, we are confident that their bonds will only get stronger! We will be spending a great deal of time with the trio as part of our Emotional Enrichment Program to help facilitate a positive, secure, and safe environment for them individually and as a group!


Staff at IEAS has been very busy lately - surprise, surprise! Construction has just been completed on a brand new observation deck overlooking the newest bear habitats at IEAS. This 14 foot high deck provides a wonderful view of the habitats of several of the "Cherokee bears" rescued last year from the concrete bear pits of North Carolina, including Aggie and BerthaSpearmint, andToby. Come springtime, IEAS visitors will be afforded the opporunity to visit these habitats and this particular observation deck on a Bear Tour, which will feature exclusive chances to see the 28 bear residents of IEAS and their habitats! Stay tuned for more about this upcoming tour and photo option! 

Female African Serval
Born: August 1, 2004
Rescued: August 28, 2008

Barbara is a loving serval, particularly with her caracal companion, Billy. She is at her happiest when she is snuggled up to spend an afternoon relaxing in the shade with him. We're sure that Barbara will spend her birthday being pampered by Billy!

Akbar, Arusha, & Kumar
White Bengal Tigers
Born: August 14, 2004
Rescued: September 15, 2004

These three white Bengal tigers are some of the most affectionate tigers you can find, but each with distinct personalities! They absolutely adore visits from friends, always coming to the fence, chuffing all they can. We can't believe they are already 10 years old!
Female Bobcat
Born: August 23, 1994
Rescued: January 1, 1995

Baby is a small bobcat with a big personality. She loves to nap in her igloo, but when she is feeling playful, she and her best friend, Cookie, will romp and play all over their habitat! Most likely, Baby will be found peacefully enjoying the shade on her birthday! 

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