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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Catch Spring Fever at IEAS!
International Exotic Feline Sanctuary

April, 2013

International Exotic Animal Sanctuary News


3rd Annual "Quench our Thirst" Water WeekendWater Weekend allows Sanctuary supporters to tour IEAS for just the cost of a CASE OF WATER! The last two years have been wonderfully successful, and we hope the third time around will be even better!

During the last weekend in April, visitors will be offered a tour for bringing a case of bottled water (12 pack or more) per person in their group to IEAS! On that Friday, Saturday, or Sunday (April 26, 27, and 28), you can tour the Sanctuary and meet the lions, tigers, cougars, bobcats, coatis, bears, and MORE who call IEAS home while helping us stock up on water for upcoming summer guests!

Tours are offered at 11 AM every day, with an additional 3 PM tour on Saturdays.
Visit or call 940-433-5091 for more info!
donations are always welcome!
Children must be at least 7 years old to tour IEAS.


Here at IEAS, something that we’ve always been on the look out for is a great deal on a high capacity scale to weigh the animals living at the Sanctuary. These scales, commonly used in veterinary and other animal practices, have a tendency to be relatively expensive, totaling in the thousands of dollars. Luckily for us, we recently found a scale with a 1,000 pound capacity for only $315.00! This sounds a bit too good to be true, but it is – check it out by clicking here! This scale will allow us to get an exact weight on any animal that we have sedated for a veterinary procedure. This will permit us to more accurately supplement their diets with vitamins and medications. Currently, we use our experience to estimate the weights of  the animals, always erring on the side caution of course, but this scale would make us even better!

We’re calling on you, our supporters, to help us purchase this scale! Every dollar counts so donate what you can! Click HERE to see how much we’ve raised so far and contribute to the cause! 

We know many of you really loved the photos we have shared of Rio, the ocelot who recently found herself in a new forever home at IEAS. This special girl has been settling in very well, taking her time to adjust to the new sights and sounds around her. Her appetite is in full swing, and we’ve found that she loves the extra special treat of fish on her food! As soon as she smells it, she eats it right up!

Rio has been exploring her habitat and home primarily in the mornings and evenings. It seems one of her favorite places to go is up to the ramp/platform system that encircles the top of her entire habitat. She loves to climb up and look out over her new surroundings. IEAS Curator and Assistant Animal Behaviorist, Christi, has been spending lots of time with Rio as part of the Sanctuary’s Emotional Enrichment Program, and it is evident that Rio has already come to trust and find security in Christi! This is a wonderful step for this amazing ocelot, as it will undoubtedly aid her in feeling at home here at IEAS.

Rio came to the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary for education and conservation purposes after retiring from the Species Survival Plan (SSP) from the El Paso Zoo. According to the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), the goal of the SSP is to manage specific and threatened/endangered species population within AZA accredited Zoos and Aquariums, certified Related Facilities (like IEAS), and approved Non-member Participants. With Rio’s help, IEAS has the opportunity to educate people about the conservation efforts being made to bring a viable population of this beautiful, endangered Texas native species back into the state, while simultaneously providing this stunning ocelot with a forever home!


Female Bengal Tiger
Born: April 1, 1994
Rescued: April 1, 1994



Kashmere is one of our favorite chuffers! When this beautiful girl decides to grace you with a chuff, her ears always wiggle along with the sound of her greeting! She’s a loving girl who loves to play, and we’re so happy to celebrate her 19th birthday with her this year!

Female Bengal Tiger
Born: April 1, 1994
Rescued: April 1, 1994

Khera, who is actually the sister of Kashmere (above), has such a feisty personality. Whenever you’re around, Khera wants to be the center of attention. Usually, she makes sure this happens by rolling around in grass or doing something equally eye catching! She’s such a special girl! Happy 19th Birthday Khera!

Female Bobcat
Born: April 13, 2008
Rescued: May 12, 2008

Tricia, one of IEAS’ smallest residents, has a big personality, especially in the evenings! When you pass by this little bobcat and her best friend, Chrissy, you are sure to see them pouncing around and hear them meowing their “hellos!” Happy 5th Birthday to you Tricia!

Allie Kat & Rasul
White Bengal Tigers
Born: April 21, 2005
Rescued: June 20, 2005

These rambunctious siblings are as sweet as they come with those they trust most. They are always eager for a visit with their friends, and they’re sure to approach with plenty of chuffs, moans, and groans. Both of these beautiful tigers love their enrichment items, especially their big boomer balls! Happy 8th Birthday to Allie and Rasul!

Female Lion
Born: April 30, 1996
Rescued: November 1, 1996

Nala has such a loving personality, and she enjoys nothing more than a visit from her favorite human friends. She will always come running over, plop down on the ground, and roll all over, expressing how happy and excited she is for a visit. When she feels like playing, boomer balls are always the toy of choice! Happy 17th Birthday Nala!


Remember, all donations are tax-deductible, so donate now!

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International Exotic Animal Sanctuary . P.O. Box 637, Boyd, TX 76023 , (940) 433-5091

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