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Sunday, January 21, 2018

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International Exotic Animal Sanctuary News - Love is in the Air!
International Exotic Feline Sanctuary

February, 2013

International Exotic Animal Sanctuary News



Love is ALWAYS in the Air!

It may be February, the month of love, but here at IEAS, love is never in short supply! Our mission, first and foremost, is to provide a safe, comfortable, and happy home to our residents, and in doing so, we form an irreplaceable bond of love and respect with the animals in our care. Through our Emotional Enrichment Program, each animal comes to trust and find security in their human caretakers, and in turn, we can coexist in a truly happy environment each and every day.

We know that many of you have come to know and love the IEAS residents just as we have, and there is no doubt that your support and care make what we do possible. Every donation, every Facebook “like,” every tour visitor means one more happy and fulfilling day for the residents of IEAS. It’s hard not to love the animals living at the Sanctuary, so this month, while love is in the air, don’t forget to show the animals how much you love them! 


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Animal Updates!

We love to give you all updates on how the newest residents of IEAS are enjoying their new lives, and we know that you love to get them, but we want to change things up and bring you up to speed on the long-time residents of IEAS that have grown up with the Sanctuary!

Of the 61 animals living at IEAS, the truly beautiful Gedi, a lioness, has been here the longest! At just three months old, this special animal found herself abandoned by her owner in a garage and in need of a loving forever home. That was 21 years ago! Since her arrival at IEAS, Gedi has seen the benefits of a loving, natural environment, a caring family, and of course, our Emotional Enrichment Program, which helped her understand that her initial distrust for humans was not necessary at IEAS. For over two decades now, Gedi has moaned and groaned her way into our hearts, and though she is also one of the oldest residents of IEAS, she can be as playful as the youngest! Gedi has always loved to run in the morning and to this day, when we head over to feed, Gedi will come running, maybe even giving her fire hose ball a pounce on the way! 

Next to arrive was the ever-handsome Domino! He arrived at IEAS a little less than a year after Gedi and has been a part of the family ever since. Domino quickly became one of the most captivating animals at the Sanctuary, and in the 20 years that Domino has been at IEAS, that hasn’t changed! Domino has always had a strong personality, and that is still true to this day. He is still very active and very…opinionated. It’s hard to become one of Domino’s trusted friends, and only a handful of people have met all of this jaguar’s strict requirements! Luckily, Domino has very frequent visits with his favorite friends, and we’re so glad that they make him as happy as they do!

In the year after Domino became part of the Sanctuary family, we welcomed Kashmere, Khera, and Shauna. Kashmere and Khera, two Bengal tiger sisters, were born on April Fool’s Day after their mother was confiscated from a person arrested for fraud. The two tigers are very true to their lively birthday. Khera is always looking for an opportunity to playfully sneak up on an unsuspecting passerby, while Kashmere is more likely to be seen running up to a trusted friend letting out a chuff that always makes her ears wiggle (it’s ADORABLE)! Shauna has always been one of the first animals to make us laugh each day, and in the 19 years she has lived here at IEAS, that hasn’t changed. Every morning, Shauna has a little session of play time with her keepers. Usually, it’s hide-and-seek, soccer, or a combination of the two! Once in a while, we are lucky enough to see Shauna playing on her swinging tiger with all four paws off the ground, twisting in the air!



 Birthdays to Love this Month!

Male American Black Bear
Born: February 4, 2008
Rescued: November 19, 2008

Lucky is the “big brother” of Dorfman Bear Orphanage. He is a friend to all, and is often seen playing or snoozing with one of his best friends. Though he gets along with everyone, his favorite companion is Lucy, who is spends the majority of his time with. These two have been inseparable since they were little cubs, so we are sure that Lucky will spend his birthday with his favorite girl!


Female Bengal Tiger
Born: February 14, 1993
Rescued: January 1, 1998

 Isabella has one of the most feisty personalities at IEAS. She is very playful and very instinctual. This smart girl is always on guard for something new she can pounce on, but she is always sure to take the time out for a relaxing nap with her companion, Big John. They are quite a sight together, so comfortable and content in each other’s company!


Male American Black Bear
Born: February 15, 1993
Rescued: October 9, 2007

 Bill is a very special bear. After a very traumatic 13 years, he has come to be a happy bear who can truly appreciate and love his life at IEAS. We love when Bill takes advantage of the opportunities he has here as they were never afforded to him in the past. Whether laying in the sun on his perch, walking in the thick grass, cooling off in his pool, or relaxing in his cave, we hope Bill has the best birthday ever!


Rowdy, Rascal, and Pixie
American Black Bears
Born: February 18, 2009
Rescued: June 16, 2009

We can’t believe how much these three little cubs have grown! Rowdy, Rascal and Pixie are three siblings who have really blossomed into mature bears this year! While they still love to play, especially in the meadows of their Dorfman Bear Orphanage habitat, they have really been growing up and making us proud, from digging their own dens to independently exploring! These three are loving, affectionate, and a joy to watch grow up! Happy birthday little bears!



Male Bengal Tiger
Born: February 28, 1999
Rescued: August 15, 2011


Danvir has been a pleasure to have here at IEAS since the day of his arrival. He is a very friendly tiger, always eager to say hello to a trusted friend. He isn’t quite as playful as his companion, Sajani, but he does reward her with those special moments when he feels like rough housing a bit! We are confident that these two will spend Danvir’s birthday cuddling together and maybe even playing a bit!


Male American Black Bear
Born: February 28, 2009
Rescued: January 15, 2010


Scamp is one of our “baby” bears, and we can’t believe he is already turning four! He loves to play, especially with his best friend Scooter. When these two are together, there is no stopping the fun! They love attention and will take almost every opportunity to meet and follow a tour group around their Bear Orphanage habitat! Scamp will definitely spend his birthday having fun with Scooter and Greta!


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