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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Shumla School

March, 2012

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 Volume 4, Number 2        

March 7, 2012  

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2013 TAS Meeting
FMRA Scholarships
SHUMLA Wish List
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2012 Rancher Steward Program
Harrington Campus Dedication

Held on Saturday, January 28th, SHUMLA's 2012 Rancher Steward program was a ringing success.  Assistant Deputy Executive Director Jeanette Pauer was enthusiastic about the quality of the program. "It's so important to connect with the landowners who support our work.  Having an opportunity to reconvene each year reminds us all of what we can accomplish as a community invested in preserving this important piece of Texas and world history."  Jeanette added, "We're really looking forward to next year's program, and we're hoping that folks who didn't make it out this year will be able to attend in 2013."  

SHUMLA Executive Director Dr. Carolyn Boyd presents Jack and Missy Harrington with the new Harrington Campus sign that will grace the pavilion. 

The 2012 Rancher Steward program was especially meaningful for the SHUMLA family. Staff presented Jack and Missy Harrington with an official Harrington Campus sign that will be added to the top of the pavilion.  "Jack and Missy's dedication embodies the spirit of the Rancher Steward program," stated Executive Director Dr. Carolyn Boyd.  


SHUMLA to Host
2013 Texas Archeological Society Annual Meeting
 in Del Rio

SHUMLA's staff and board are pleased to announce that SHUMLA will serve as host institution for the 2013 Texas Archeological Society (TAS) annual meeting. Staff is already busy planning the event, and looks forward to welcoming TAS members to Del Rio, as we did in 2009.
In 2009, TAS Annual Meeting Attendees packed the Del Rio Civic Center. SHUMLA's staff eagerly anticipates hosting another successful event in 2013.  Photo by Curt Harrell.
"We have been impressed with the depth of feedback that we have received regarding the 2009 meeting," stated Deputy Executive Director Andrew Freeman.  "People really enjoyed 2009's meeting, and we have quite a few ideas that will make the 2013 annual meeting even better."      

FMRA Scholarships
Pave Way for Aspiring Archeologists

In 2011, Field Methods in Rock Art (FMRA) student Kevin Conti traveled from Utah to Texas to study Lower Pecos region rock art with SHUMLA's staff.  In that regard, Kevin's journey was similar to those of his fellow students who hailed from states as diverse as New Jersey, California and Arkansas.  People attend SHUMLA's FMRA to learn about documentation and preservation of rock art by working hands-on in the field with SHUMLA's expert faculty.  Kevin was no exception.  While the region's archeological resources left a lasting impression, what Kevin did after he left FMRA speaks to a seldom acknowledged aspect of what makes SHUMLA programming such an important event in the lives of students: community.
The 2011 FMRA class, staff and guests. 
In May of 2011, Kevin started a scholarship fund for future FMRA students. Named after long-time Texas archeology fixture and 2011 FMRA volunteer Teddy Stickney, the scholarship will be instrumental in helping to support the educational endeavors of future archeologists.  "Donations of any size can be so important to our FMRA students," stated SHUMLA Accounting Manager Brenda Norman.  "Kevin's giving has been a great example to others, and we're grateful to everyone who has donated to the Stickney Scholarship."  
Inquiries about donations to the Teddy Stickney Scholarship can be sent to Brenda at    

SHUMLA Wish List

SHUMA's staff sends their thanks to the generous donors who have given books and supplies to SHUMLA through the Wish List.  "Anonymous donors have sent several books, and we're very grateful," reported Jeanette Pauer.  "If you donate, please make sure to include a gift note with your contact information in the order, so that we can follow up with you to say 'thanks.'" 
The first two donations to SHUMLA's Wish List.
If you're interested in donating books or supplies to SHUMLA, make sure to check our updated Amazon Wish List.


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