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Monday, January 22, 2018

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Phoenix House News & Views: New Beginnings
Phoenix House

January, 2012

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Phoenix House News & Views | New Beginnings
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 Message from the President

Dear Friends,

The new year provides an opportunity to make a fresh start—and for many of our courageous clients in recovery, 2012 promises to be the best year yet. Throughout our national Phoenix House community, clients, alumni, and staff members are resolving to take important steps for a happy and healthy new year.

In this issue, you’ll learn about these inspiring resolutions and the exciting new programs and services that are cropping up at Phoenix House facilities across the country. You’ll also meet Kim, the mother of one of our teen clients—her son Ryan is moving full-speed ahead into a new year (and a new life) in recovery. “He’s planning for his future now,” Kim says proudly, “whereas before treatment, he didn’t care what happened to him.”

Because of your support, Ryan and so many other clients are looking forward to a much brighter future, free from addiction. Thank you!

Warm regards,

Howard Meitiner
President and CEO

    New Year's Resolutions

A new year signifies a new beginning.  For people in early recovery, it’s often a time mend broken relationships—with family, friends, and most importantly, with ourselves. For those in long-term recovery, it’s a time to reaffirm the commitment to sobriety and to make the most of second chances.  And for clinicians, it’s an opportunity to reflect on how we can better empower people to turn their lives around.  This year, we asked the entire Phoenix House family—alumni, clients, and staff—to share their New Year’s resolutions.  One father in treatment vowed to “be a good dad to my kids, stay sober, and keep learning about myself.”  Suzanne, a Phoenix House alumna, wants to “inspire people to change their lives just like I have.” Laurie, a counselor, promises to “accept the bitter and the sweet that recovery brings, and to live in the truth of each moment.”

To read more of our New Year’s resolutions, click here.

   Expanding Our Services


This winter, we’re working toward our New Year’s resolution: to provide even more prevention, treatment, and recovery services to those in need.  At Phoenix Houses of the Mid-Atlantic, we’re now offering a weekly vocational training seminar where clients learn networking, resume-writing, interviewing, and other skills that will prepare them to succeed in today’s job market. On the West Coast, we now provide prevention services in selected schools in the Northeast San Fernando Valley. Our goal is to reduce underage alcohol and binge drinking and to decrease illicit and emerging drug use among youth and young adults. The new prevention services will expand the care available at the Phoenix House Academy of Los Angeles, which also includes residential and outpatient treatment, as well as case management services for at-risk youth.

To find out more, click

 True Story: Kim

After Kim’s teenage son Ryan got into a fight at a party, he started self-medicating with anti-anxiety pills. “In a matter of weeks Ryan’s grades had gone from a 3.5 GPA to failing,” explains Kim. “He wasn’t walking right or talking right; it was scarier than anything I’d ever seen.” Luckily, Kim found the Phoenix House Academy of San Diego and got her son the help he needed. Today, he’s a great student and a star athlete. “I know that if he didn’t get the treatment he did, we could have lost him,” adds Kim.

To read more about Kim and Ryan’s amazing journey,
click here.   


VYou is Coming
  to Phoenix House


There are some exciting new changes coming to the Phoenix House website in 2012! In January, we’ll be debuting a new feature, powered by, called “Ask Phoenix House.” Visitors can ask questions about addiction and recovery, and our expert staff will answer them via video. We’ll be launching the feature later in the month, but to whet your appetite we’ve asked Naomi Weinstein, Director of Phoenix House's Center on Addiction and the Family (COAF), what three things we can do in the new year to support recovery. Click here to view the video.

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