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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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International Exotic Animal Sanctuary needs your support this month! December is here!
International Exotic Animal Sanctuary, IEAS

December, 2011

International Exotic Animal Sanctuary News
International Exotic Animal Sanctuary


December is here!

And it brought the cold! We’ve had some very chilly days and nights here at the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary, but we are all prepared – cats and bears included! Staff and interns have been bundling up and getting out the gloves and hats, while the animals are warm and cozy with fresh hay in all of their insulated houses! Once the sun comes out, many of the animals can be found laying out in the sunniest parts of their habitats, letting the sun warm them up.

Did you hear what else came with the cooler temperatures?! About a month ago, we welcomed home two new residents to the Sanctuary, a seven month old American black bear cub, named Scoundrel, and a three month old cougar cub, named Thor! The two have been here for some time now and have been settling in very nicely. Neither animal was very trusting initially and because of this, they were both very nervous upon their arrival. However, with the use of our unique Emotional Enrichment program, we have been making huge strides in our relationships with the two new residents.

Every day, both Thor and Scoundrel trust us more and more. They have both begun eagerly and confidentlyapproaching their most trusted friends and adjusting to their surroundings. Scoundrel has been spotted relaxing in his water tubs and Thor has already shown us that he loves to have fun with the toys we’ve given him! We are so happy that we have been able to provide a new forever home to these two cubs, who were both found motherless in the wild. We hope that you will all be a part of their lives by continuing to support the Sanctuary. We couldn’t do what we do with supporters like you!


Pumpkins Galore!

One of our favorite parts about the fall is that it means it is PUMPKIN SEASON! Many of you may remember from last year, but for those of you who are new to the IEAS family, pumpkins are an amazing enrichment item for the cats and bears, but in very different ways! The bears love to crack those pumpkins open and eat all the juicy insides, while the cats, who are as carnivorous as they come, just enjoy something they can sink their teeth into! They throw the pumpkins into the air, roll them all over, and take huge bites out of them, even if the taste is less than desirable. We find bits of orange all over the habitat the next day! The leftover pumpkins from stores and donators in the area will be arriving throughout the month, so keep a close eye on our Facebook, YouTube, Blog, and website for pictures and videos that promise to be very entertaining!



A Busy Holiday Season!


It’s going to be busy holiday season for everyone, as usual, and IEAS is no exception! We’ve been working hard to gain support for the residents of the Sanctuary, so they will have a Merry Christmas, too!

If those don’t work for you, remember that if you shop through Yellow Brick Mall, which can be found on the IEAS website, a percentage of what you spend will be donated to IEAS, at no cost to you! Many of your favorite stores work with Yellow Brick Mall, so check it! It’s an easy way to help IEAS while getting your shopping done! Some of our favorite stores on Yellow Brick Mall are PetSmart (donates 4.8% of what you spend), Best Buy (0.2-3.6%), Amazon (2.4-3.6%), and Target (1.8-6.0%)! There are so many more stores to choose from so have a look!


December Birthdays!

Male Cougar
Born: 12/16/03
Rescued: 3/8/11

Duke came to IEAS after being rescued from a property containing over 300 animals in unlivable conditions. He and three other big cats made the trip to IEAS and have been a great addition to the Sanctuary! Duke is a very instinctual cougar, but has decided that he loves to relax on his highest perch in the sun, watching us all work below him!


Female Bengal Tiger
Born: 12/21/04
Rescued: 3/8/11

Princess came to the Sanctuary from the same property as Duke (above). She took to IEAS life very quickly, after a nervous arrival. She became a very affectionate tiger and loves to swim in her pool! She and Prince, her companion, spend a lot of time together, lounging on their perches, in their cave, and in their houses!


Big John
Male Bengal Tiger
Born: 12/25/92
Rescued: 1/1/98

Big John arrived at IEAS after being confiscated from a Spanish circus, where he was forced to live in terrible conditions. Now, John lives his life happily in a large, natural habitat with pools, waterfalls, trees, grass, perches, plenty of toys, and his great friend Isabella!


Female Bobcat
Born: 12/31/95
Rescued: 2/1/96

Cookie came to IEAS after being orphaned in the wild. She was very young and unable to survive on her own. She took very quickly to her naturalistic habitat and also took no time to bond with another young bobcat, Baby! The two are inseparable and are often cuddled together in their caves and houses!


Please help support the amazing animals who call IEAS home!  Any donation, large or small will aid in caring for these magnificent bears and felines and help to provide them with the highest quality of life possible.


Adopt A Sanctuary Animal today!


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