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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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Shumla School

September, 2011

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 Volume 3, Number 7     

September 20, 2011 

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TAS Symposium
Panther Cave Recording Milestone


 September Drumbeat


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SHUMLA Volunteer Spotlight:
Rhonda Dove

This summer, SHUMLA staff made significant progress in completing documentation on several Lower Pecos rock art sites.  An important part of that progress was the assistance of SHUMLA volunteer Rhonda Dove.   


Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Rhonda moved to Del Rio with her husband Kurt, a professional bass angler and guide.  Rhonda works from home for a business travel management company, and volunteers at SHUMLA because she views the Lower Pecos region's rock art as "an international treasure."

A small portion of the thousands of pages of articles digitized by intrepid volunteer Rhonda Dove during the summer.

 SHUMLA's staff thanks Rhonda for all of her hard work and dedication to enhancing SHUMLA's research programs.               

SHUMLA Symposium Set for October's
Texas Archeological Society Meeting

On October 28th and 29th, SHUMLA's staff will present a symposium titled "Lower Pecos Canyonlands Archeology: Preservation, Research and Education" at the Texas Archeological Society's yearly meeting in Fort Worth.  This symposium will be a watershed moment for SHUMLA's programming: a collaborative overview of the operations of research and education staff.

 Come see SHUMLA's staff in Fort Worth at this year's TAS.

Joining Dr. Carolyn Boyd and SHUMLA's staff in this symposium will be a group of talented students, board members and academics whose work helps to shape and guide SHUMLA's operations.  Research Advisory Board members Elton Prewitt and Dr. Francisco Marcos-Marin will both present along with SHUMLA Research Associate Bill Sontag, SHUMLA Intern Stephani Noland and Stephanie Mueller of San Antonio's Witte Museum.  Also participating will be staff from Geo Marine, and the University of Texas, Dallas.  The symposium's final session will include a joint presentation between Dr. Boyd and Tecnalia, a technology corporation specializing in virtual heritage tourism.

Panther Cave Recording Reaches Milestone:

1,500 Staff Hours   


SHUMLA's research team recently passed a significant milestone in their on-going efforts to document Panther Cave as part of the Lower Pecos Rock Art Recording and Preservation Project (LPRARPP), a major research undertaking by SHUMLA.  SHUMLA Research Assistant Amanda Castaneda reports that in documenting this site, staff has taken over 3,200 photographs of the 78 anthropomorphs, 85 enigmatics and 35 zoomorphs that populate the walls of the site.  All figures have received photographic enhancement, and renderings have been completed for all but three of the figures.

Panther Cave, site of over 1,500 hours of SHUMLA staff recording time.

Data from Panther Cave is being added to SHUMLA's database.  To date, 107 of Panther Cave's figures have been field-checked for recording accuracy and added into the record.  One of the most exciting discoveries to emerge from SHUMLA's documentation efforts has been the identification of Red Linear figures at Panther Cave.  SHUMLA's recording of this site has proven to be highly successful, and staff has prepared a Texas Historical Commission (THC) TexSite form complete with sketch maps.  Panther Cave's TexSite forms were last updated in 1958, and site conditions have changed significantly during the past 53 years.  SHUMLA's documentation of this site will provide a valuable tool for archeologists and researchers alike.      

A centrastyled, Pecos River style anthropomorph at Panther Cave. 


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