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Friday, January 19, 2018

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Pure Water for the World announces commencement of preliminary engineering for the community watering station in Citi Soleil, Haiti.
Pure Water for the World

September, 2011

Pure Water for the World, Inc announced today that it has commenced preliminary engineering for a community watering station in Cite Soleil Haiti. V3 Companies Ltd. has been hired as lead contractor on the project.

V3’s scope includes the evaluation of options and alternatives available to provide a reliable, clean and safe water supply to help meet the needs of the community of Cite Soleil. Potable and non-potable sources will be evaluated and analyzed for volume, reliability and quality. Four potentials sources of water exist for the site; rainwater harvesting, well water, a nearby pipeline and bulk water trucking. Treatment feasibility and alternatives will be developed for cost effectiveness.

Site layout will be complete for the facility, which will be sited on approximately one acre. The facility will have bucket sanitizing stations for clients which will ensure the water maintains its potability. Classrooms will also be included so that clients can take required classes in hygiene education.

Once a targeted design is approved, V3 will provide cost estimates and staging recommendations for the project.  

“We are very excited about V3 joining our team. They have vast engineering experience in Haiti and in water projects. This is a very important step forward for this project as we move toward making it a reality.” said Carolyn Meub, Executive Director for Pure Water for the World.

“Pure Water for the World in undertaking an exciting project for the people of Cite Soleil. V3 is pleased to be part of the team and we look forward to delivering a quality, functional design for this project.” Said Stewart Dykstra, Vice President Water, Environmental and Natural Resources, V3 Companies.      





Background on the Project

In June Pure Water for the World, Inc. announced today that it is undertaking the development of a community watering station in Citi Soleil Haiti. Once completed, this water station will provide clean drinking water and hygiene education for approximately 100,000 residents of Cite Soleil, an impoverished shanty town near Port au Prince, Haiti. Currently there is no running water or sanitation for the people living in Cite Soleil

The Project will be built on the site of an old abandoned watering station which is owned by the Catholic Church known as Soleil #4.  The project will potentially use four sources of water including rain water capture, ground water, pipelined water and bulk trucked water. The facility will have the capability of treating any and all of these streams to bring them up to clean drinking water standards. The Facility will be operated by Pure Water for the World as the contracted operator. The Facility will be governed by a Board consisting of Pure Water, the Catholic Church, members of the Community.

In addition to providing clean drinking water, the facility will also have classrooms in which hygiene education classes will be available to the community. One of the important lessons learned by the Pure Water organization around the world is that education must go hand in hand with clean water. Without education about the necessity of proper hygiene, clean water will not help improve health.  

This Project is sustainable, will employ local  Haitians and will save countless children’s lives by  providing clean drinking water and hygiene education. This Project represents a unique opportunity to fulfill the basic health needs of some of those living in the poorest community in the northern hemisphere. 

“This project is very important for the people of Cite Soleil, who, since the earth quake in Haiti, have essentially no water to sustain themselves. Pure Water is stepping up to the challenge and we are confident others will join us”  Meub concluded.
















Background on Pure Water for the World


Pure Water for the World is a 501 (c) organization headquartered in Vermont, USA. The mission of PWW is to reduce waterborne illness caused by poor hygiene practices and by drinking contaminated water.  PWW implements clean water and hygiene education programs in schools, clinics, orphanages and homes throughout Haiti.  In greater Port au Prince, the majority of the work is in Cite Soleil. Since 2008, clean water and hygiene education programs have been implemented in over 1,000 schools and other institutions and hundreds of homes.  PWW employs point of use clean water technology; ceramic filters, bio sand filters and Sawyer membrane filters.  The hygiene education courses are tailored to the student and include one-day courses for heads of household as well as a three-day course for teachers participating in the schools program.  PWW programs reflect an integrated approach, with projects in filter manufacturing, hygiene education and filter installation in schools, clinics, orphanages and homes throughout Haiti. PWW also has projects in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.  


In response to the humanitarian crisis following the 2010 earthquake and the current cholera epidemic, PWW has provided chlorinated water delivery to camps in the Cite Soleil and Delmas communities of Port au Prince.  Access to water is, to date, one of the most pressing needs.  Prior to the earthquake the water infrastructure was weak and the post earthquake displacement has amplified these needs.


In March 2011, PWW launched ultrafiltration—reverse osmosis water filtration systems in two hospitals in Haiti.

Pure Water works closely with local and international NGOs, private companies and community organizations. Pure Water has strong working relationships with UN agencies and humanitarian groups on the ground, key government agencies, such as the Ministry of Health and DINEPA, the national water distribution authority.  PWW has also partnered with International Rescue Committee, Management Sciences for Health, World Vision International, Save the Children, International Child Care, Dow Chemical, Rotary Clubs in North America, Organization for International Migration, United Methodist Church, Episcopal Diocese of Texas, among others. Pure Water staff in Haiti is currently participating with governmental and other NGOs to plan and implement life saving projects. PWW is currently partnering with IRC in an institutional WASH project in 32 institutions in Léogane, Haiti. 


For more information about the project or Pure Water for the World, contact Carolyn Meub. (802) 747-0778 


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