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Monday, January 22, 2018

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September 2011 Interfaith Relations Newsletter
Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston

September, 2011

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    In the month of September my Jewish sisters and brothers will celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the beginning of their new year. One of the important aspects of this holiday is the observance of the Sovereignty of God. If you have spent time with me you will know that I struggle with theological absolutes, and I often find our descriptions of God or the Holy deeply inadequate.Yet today the idea of God as sovereign comforts me as I recognize how little I know about the mystery of our existence. The idea that there is a God infinitely more capable of holding the universe together reminds me that I am not wholly responsible for everything. I am responsible for that which God places unto my care, whether that is work, relationships, or charity.  

    Recently a friend and reporter asked me how effective I consider interfaith dialogue and cooperation when our nation seems more polarized each day. In light of Rosh Hashanah, I see our work as vital. Every effort that we make to repair the world I believe will be honored and I pray, magnified, by God. I invite you to consider how you can join with our Jewish brothers and sisters to make our world new. Maybe you can celebrate the new year through a conversation with a family member who holds false prejudices, maybe you will reach out to a co-worker and learn about his/her beliefs, or maybe you will find one of our programs enlightening. Perhaps you will begin a project or start a revolutionary movement that brings light to the dark places in our world.  

     Whatever actions you take in the coming months to renew the world I hope that you put your whole heart into them. As you make our city a better place to live and thrive, remember you have fellow travelers along the journey. No one person can do everything, but if we all keep working alongside one another we can accomplish great things. As always, I encourage you to join us for our wonderful events and make new friends!  


Please scroll all the way down the page to see our fall offerings!        



Lauren Santerre
Director of Interfaith Relations


Heart Anthology:

An Evening of Interfaith Women's Art

Heart Anthology 2

Tickets: $10.00 

September 22, 2011

Unitarian Fellowship of Houston

1504 Wirt Rd

Houston, TX 77055


Join us for a wonderful evening of art performed and produced by women from many different faith traditions. The evening will highlight our sacred connenctions through dance, poetry, songs and visual art. There will be time for fellowship and conversation. Light snacks and beverages will be provided.


 Join us for a unique interfaith experience for women!


Click here for Registration.







Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston Presents:

The Annual Dinner Dialogues

November 17, 2011


Registration for Host Homes Now Open! 


The Amazing Faiths Project Annual Dinner Dialogues bring people of all faiths and no faith together for an engaging conversation while sharing a meal. The dinners provide an opportunity for Houstonians to learn about one another and share their faith experiences. Register to host a group of ten to twelve Houstonians in your home today! 


Register to host by September 14th

Click Here to Sign up Today!!! 


For More Info visit:

Registration for participants will open by October 1, 2011.   





Women's Interfaith Retreat

February 24-26, 2012

Camp Allen

Love Thyself 2


We invite you to join together with women from various faith traditions and backgrounds for an intimate weekend together exploring the deep complexity of loving ourselves. We invite you to read all about it...  


Join us for a DIVINE weekend!


Keynote Speaker: Kristin Ritzau   

Workshops, Meditations, Small Groups and More....


Register by October for Our Best Rate!!

Semi-Private: $200.00

Private: $275.00








Dinner Dialogue in a Box
Questions for Dinner Dialogue Groups   Many of you have let us know that you are continuing to meet with your Amazing Faiths Dinner Dialogue groups and we are thrilled to hear that great news! Each month you will find in this section a few discussion questions that you can use for your follow up meetings!
We would love to hear about how your groups are doing and any activities that you all choose to do together! 

August Questions:  

1. "So as we observe the state of the nation and the world, see their progress and their struggle, we can and we should observe the state of our own being. Not only in terms of how much more we are doing, observing and learning, but also in terms of how much more deeply and sensitively we are living."
                                                                                           --Rabbi David Lapin 
How do you respond sensitively to the struggles of the world? How do your responses differ from others in your life or faith community?         

2. "If [a person] were able to survey at a glance all he has done in the course of his life, what would he feel? He would be terrified at the extent of his own power.

                                                                                      --Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel  


This quote calls us to consider how we use our power to help or hurt those in our lives. Describe a time when God or a higher power moved your heart to consider the power of your actions. What lesson did you learn?    

Do you have news to share?

The Interfaith Relations Department asks that all requests to promote upcoming events be received by the 3rd Friday of the month preceeding your event. Click here to fill out our line request form. Thank you!
In This Issue
Heart Anthology
Host An Amazing Faiths Dinner
Women's Retreat 2012
Dinner Dialogue in a Box
9/11/11 Community Dialogues
Compassionate Weekend of Service
Service of Remembrance
Human Trafficking Interfaith Service
Hip Hop to Sugar Hill
Crop Hunger Walk
Artful Thursday

"Community Dialogues about 9/11"

Rothko Chapel

3900 Yupon Street

Houston, TX 77006


Thurs.Sept. 08, 2011  

Tues. Sept. 13, 2011

Thurs. Sept. 15, 2011



Working with the Institute for Sustainable Peace, Inprint, and HGOco, the Rothko Chapel will hold a series of facilitated community dialogues about Histonians' experience of 9/11.


Thursday,the meaning of commemoration and memory will be explored. Tuesday will be focused on moving from anger to forgiveness. Thursday will be a dsicussion of how healing can improve the community.


For more info click here 

Compassionate Houston

9/11 Service Weekend 

compassionate houston 2

September 9-September 11, 2011


Organizations, Faith Communities and Businesses will join together for a variety of activities and service projects from Sept.9-11 in honor of those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.   


We encourage you to visit the website and learn more about how you or your community may become a Compassionate Partner.  


For more info click here 


"Service of Remembrance"



Spring Interfaith Dialogue invites you to join us for a Service of Remembrance making the

10th anniversary of 9/11


Sunday, September 11, 4:00pm

Cypress Creek Christian Church

6823 Cypresswood Drive,

Spring, TX 77379


For more info click here

Human Trafficking  Interfaith Service

Human trafficking 2011   

Sunday, Sept. 18, 2011 


Rothko Chapel
3900 Yupon Street
Houston, TX 77006


The Human Trafficking Interfaith Service at the Rothko Chapel is the culminating event of the second anual Faith and Freedom Weekend that is part of Houston Resuce and Restore Coalition's Human Trafficking Awareness Month.

This year, representatives from each of the city's four largest faith communities in Houston will discuss their faith's response to slavery, both historically and in contemporary times.

Discussion and a Q&A session with the audience will follow the service.


For more info click here   


"From Hip Hop to Sugar Hill"


Thurs. Sept. 22, 2011



708 Telephone Road
Houston, TX 77023


A collaborative project bringing together Houston writers, folklorist, historians and the like to share special places that make the city unique is set to present it's first series of public programs.


For more info click here


CROP Hunger Walk 2011

November 6, 2011 

Art Park on the Sabine Promenade

Walk begins at 1:45pm 



Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston's Meals on Wheels program has been chosen as the 2011 recipient. The Meals on Wheels Program will receive 25% percent of the money raised from the 2011 CROP Hunger Walk.


For more info click here


For interested congregations, contact Rina Chandarana John or call (713)-533-4948.  






Artful Thursday

High Notes

Thursday September 15, 2011
Brown Theater


In this month´s Artful Thursday lecture, Dr. Hussein Rashid will use music to explore how the Muslim American community has made a lasting cultural contribution to American music.  


For more info click here  




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