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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Volunteerism and Values
Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston

April, 2011

The Strength of Shared Beliefs

Tuesday Memo

April 19, 2011

You may know that last week was national Volunteer Appreciation Week and here at IM we celebrate volunteers all throughout April - well actually all year long.  We are proud that so many folks choose to volunteer at IM and elsewhere.  Volunteering really makes a big difference for non-profits, as all the hours donated make our services that much more affordable. 


But in truth, I believe that volunteering adds another important component to the work we and others do.  When someone volunteers he or she is served along with the clients they help.  Most of us have a desire to serve - to give back for the blessings we have.  One way is to give money - and yes every non-profit needs money to pay for the goods and services they provide.  But giving back through volunteerism fills a spiritual need that many of us have - to do God's work here on Earth.  A component of all of our great faith traditions is to be Holy - and when one volunteers one gets to taste a bit of heaven here on Earth. 


So thank you for volunteering - whether it is for IM or elsewhere.  Every act of kindness you do touches someone in need.  This is a classic "win-win" where the recipient and the giver get an equal dose of love.  We at IM are thankful to the hundreds of volunteers who help us with feeding seniors and their pets; welcoming refugees to Houston; assuring that folks are helped during disasters; bringing people together for meaningful dialogue; and helping IM make good decisions.  We are very appreciative to all those who serve on our Board of Directors, committees and task forces.  We would not be a great organization without all of your support.



  • For our refugees, we are sponsoring a "Second Hand for a Second Chance" donation drive April 29th and 30th here at IM. We need clothing, kitchen items, furniture and other housewares.  Click here to find out how you can help.
  • The next Women's Spiritual Gathering is scheduled for April 28th hosted by Zoroastrian community.  These gatherings are very special and provide a unique experience for women who are seeking to learn about women of many faiths.  There is no charge and you can register by clicking here.
  • The Tapestry Gala is scheduled for May 3rd and there are still a few seats left to purchase.  The Gala is exactly two weeks away and if you've never attended let me make one promise:  you will be amazed at the diversity of people and music that makes this evening so magical.  If you'd like to attend click here for more information.



Every so often I find a cartoon that not only strikes my funny-bone, but hits a chord.  I was actually saddened by this cartoon even as I laughed a bit.  IM's tag-line is the strengths of shared beliefs - it could easily be the strength of shared values.  We are in our 42nd year and it is my hope that we haven't been jaded by time, which is ever so easy to have happen. 


How many of us wonder if we still have any of the enthusiasm and hopes of our youth?  How many of us have been beaten down by the real world?  I am guessing most of us experience some moments when we ask ourselves where our optimism has gone. 




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