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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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Hogg Foundation for Mental Health News and Grants
Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

January, 2011



Graduate students receive full ride

Daily Cougar

January 20, 2011


Within the course of a semester, two bilingual UH students received a scholarship that will cover tuition costs for their two years of graduate school. The Graduate College of Social Work welcomed Maria Cano and Yuliana Medina, the lastest recipients of the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health Bilingual Scholarship, into its program last fall.



SQLC Names Dr. Wayne Holtzman to SQLC Charitable Foundation Board of Directors

January 19, 2011


Senior living community developer Senior Quality Lifestyles Corporation (SQLC), parent company of Querencia at Barton Creek retirement resort in Austin, has named Dr. Wayne Holtzman to the board of directors of the SQLC Charitable Foundation. ... A long time faculty member of The University of Texas at Austin, Dr. Holtzman is currently Hogg Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Education. During his tenure with the school, he held positions as president of the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health...





Lawmakers sobered by budget reality as details on impact emerge

Austin American-Statesman

January 19, 2011


Texas lawmakers got a first look at the state budget in the harsh glare of daylight Wednesday, and some were surprised by what they found. ... Technically, there is no longer a shortfall since the 2012-13 budget was drafted to match the $73 billion in available general revenue from state taxes, fees and other sources over the next two years. To do so, however, general operating expenses were sliced nearly 11 percent. Overall spending, including programs paid for by federal dollars, was slashed 17 percent.



The 82nd Legislature: Painful cuts even have GOP howling

Houston Chronicle

January 19, 2011


AUSTIN - No-new-taxes and limited government may be a GOP refrain, but not necessarily when implemented in Republican lawmakers' backyards.



House budget plan puts Texas in reverse, stalls progress, critics say

Dallas Morning News

January 19, 2011


AUSTIN - Outraged groups - from doctors and health executives to teachers, the elderly, advocates for abused children and even some Republicans - ripped the proposed House budget Wednesday, saying it would send the state backward.



With Medicaid cuts, everyone could pay more for health care

Dallas Morning News

January 19, 2011


... Proponents of the cuts say annual growth of the state's $8.3 billion program is not sustainable. If left untouched, Medicaid will account for 50 percent of the state's budget by 2040, according to the Texas Public Policy Foundation, a conservative think tank in Austin. But local health care experts said a more immediate concern is that the costs of cutting Medicaid will probably be shifted to the insured population.



State budget woes could impact county's mental health services

Elgin Courier

January 19, 2011


Anticipated state budget cuts could have a major impact on mental health services in Bastrop County, according to Bluebonnet Trails Community Services (BTCS). The organization serves an eight-county region, assisting people who have mental health needs, the developmentally disabled, as well as providing early childhood intervention and substance abuse programs. Last year, BTCS provided services to 2,381 Bastrop County residents.



Preliminary state budget leaves less funding

Midland Reporter-Telegram

January 19, 2011


Midlanders Wednesday started to learn the sometimes stark reality of what it will require to hold the line on taxes while working to continue funding state services amid a shortfall.  ... Funding for the mental health deputy program staffed through Midland County was deleted from the state budget, according to the bill. The deputies respond when a suspect is believed to be suffering from mental health issues and then can divert them from the Detention Center to appropriate programs.



Cuts could damage abused children


January 19, 2011


AUSTIN (KXAN) - Blue-, red-, purple-, yellow- and orange-painted, child-sized hand prints, and 187 teddy bears with happy eyes and smiles stand to represent quite the opposite. The handprints and teddy-bears are symbols of the 187 children in Texas who are said to be abused and neglected every single day. Many of those children find a safe haven at the Austin Children's Shelter, but budget issues make it difficult for them to do their jobs and keep children out of abusive situations.



Study: Courts Can Do Better With Long-Term Foster Care

Texas Tribune

January 20, 2011


For Texas foster kids, there's nothing permanent about being in "permanent managing conservatorship," or long-term foster care. ... Texas Appleseed, a non-profit advocacy and research group based in Austin, wants to improve at least one aspect of this long-term foster care - the legal aspect. In a study commissioned by the Supreme Court of Texas' Permanent Judicial Commission for Children, Youth and Families, Appleseed says the Texas judicial system can do a better job handling these kids' cases.



Hood, Army suicides hit record mark

San Antonio Express News

January 20, 2011


...The Fort Hood mark is a new record for the post and contributed to the Army's worst year for suicides. There was, however, a sign of hope in the grim tally. Slightly fewer active-duty soldiers died by their own hand compared with 2009. But there was bad news, too: The number of suicides in the National Guard and Army Reserve rose sharply.



Fort Bend drugmaker responds to court-ordered shutdown

Houston Chronicle

January 19, 2011


A federal court has ordered a Fort Bend County drug maker to shut down, after officials said the company has "a history of significant violations," including manufacturing and distributing unapproved, adulterated and misbranded drugs. ... Deltex is a contract manufacturer and distributor of prescription and over-the-counter drugs.



Houston bound: Giffords coming here for treatment; Wounded lawmaker will get 'best rehabilitative care possible' at TIRR

Houston Chronicle

January 19, 2011


Doctors at one of Houston's top trauma centers will evaluate Rep. Gabrielle Giffords when she arrives Friday by fixed-wing aircraft from Tucson, Ariz., preparing her for what promises to be a grueling recovery process at the Texas Medical Center's premier rehabilitation facility.





Mental health in Arizona: A case study

Los Angeles Times

January 19, 2011


Gov. Jan Brewer, long a champion of services for the mentally ill, reluctantly agreed to cut funding amid a budget crisis. It's just one example of the battle mental health advocates across the U.S. face as cash-strapped legislatures chop services.,0,3628622.story



Mental health institutes won't be cut, DHS says

Des Moines Register (Iowa)

January 19, 2011


Iowa's new governor has rejected a proposal to cut capacity and lay off workers at the state's four mental health institutes.



Napa State Hospital Workers Rally for Safer Working Conditions

KQED Radio (San Francisco)

January 19, 2011


Doctors, nurses, social workers and custodians at Napa State Hospital came together at a rally outside the hospital gate Wednesday.  The workers at the state mental health facility are asking for safer working conditions after one nurse was murdered last year and a rehabilitation therapist was badly beaten.



Spike in suicides for Army Guard and Reserve

Austin American-Statesman

January 19, 2011


WASHINGTON (AP) - Suicides among active duty soldiers dropped last year for the first time since 2004, the Army said Wednesday, but the improvement was overshadowed by a sharp increase in suicides among National Guard and Reserve troops.



Fort Carson suicide rate down by more than a third

San Antonio Express News

January 19, 2011


DENVER (AP) - Fort Carson's suicide rate fell by more than a third last year but is still higher than the Army's overall rate, officials said Wednesday.  ...He said Fort Carson's practice of "embedding" behavioral health teams in the post's larger units helps by making it easier for soldiers to get help and by reducing some of the stigma attached to visiting the mental health section of the post hospital.



Are the mentally ill more violent?

Los Angeles Times

January 20, 2011


Are people who suffer from mental illnesses more likely to commit violent crimes? That question has been on the nation's mind since a 22-year-old community college dropout with a history of odd behavior was charged with shooting 19 people outside a Tucson supermarket this month, killing six and wounding Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.), who police say was his target.,0,4620946.story



Insanity Defense Could Be A Tough Sell For Loughner

National Public Radio

January 20, 2011


Twelve days after the shooting rampage in Tucson, Ariz., Jared Loughner's legal battle has just begun. ...Legal experts say Loughner's strongest argument, an insanity defense, could be a tough sell at the federal level and even tougher in a state court.



The U.S.: Bingeing on Anti-Psychotic Drugs?

The Wall Street Journal

January 19, 2011


The news out of Tucson has inspired much talk about the undertreatment of people suffering from major mental disorders. But when it comes to anti-psychotic drugs, a booming business for drug companies, the problem may not be under-deployment but overuse. A new study suggests that such drugs are being overprescribed, and that the trend could be costing the United States billions annually.





House votes to repeal health-care law

Washington Post

January 20, 2011


In the first major act of the new Congress, the Republican-led House voted Wednesday to repeal the Democrats' health-care overhaul, fulfilling a pledge that GOP candidates made during the fall midterm campaigns.



New Scrutiny For Insurance Mandate After Repeal Vote

Kaiser Health News

January 19, 2011


... Kaiser Health News reporters spoke with health policy experts about possible alternatives to the individual mandate, which also faces mounting legal challenges with 26 states joining in lawsuits opposing it. Is it time for Democrats to revisit this provision, and perhaps develop alternatives to it? If so, what mechanism could be used instead?



Questions Mount As Health Law Rolls Out

National Public Radio

January 19, 2011


Confused about the new health law? You're not alone. Over the past couple of weeks, All Things Considered asked listeners to e-mail questions. On Wednesday's show, I tackled some on the air. Here they are, with a few bonus questions and answers that weren't broadcast.



Mass. slated to receive over $150 million in additional Medicaid funding

Boston Globe

January 19, 2011 05:52 PM


WASHINGTON -- Massachusetts, under a deal finalized today with the federal government, is slated to receive upwards of $150 million in additional Medicaid funding that will help shore up hospitals that treat many of the state's low-income patients, including Boston Medical Center and Cambridge Health Alliance.





Yes, repeal health-care reform -- on one condition

The Washington Post

January 20, 2011


Fine. I'm willing to repeal Obamacare. On one condition. Republicans need to pass a law that the Congressional Budget Office certifies will cover the same number of uninsured as the Democratic health reform does - 30 million. And it has to do it at lower cost.



The Repeal Vote

The Wall Street Journal

January 20, 2011


Democrats are deriding last night's House vote to repeal ObamaCare as "symbolic," and it was, but that is not the same as meaningless. The stunning political reality is that a new entitlement that was supposed to be a landmark of liberal governance has been repudiated by a majority of one chamber of Congress only 10 months after it passed. This sort of thing never happens.



Editorial: Healthcare reform will help uninsured Texans

Fort Worth Star-Telegram

January 19, 2011


Tucked inside a Texas Department of Insurance report to the Legislature is a straightforward assessment of Texans' access to affordable coverage. In a nutshell: A declining number of Texans can afford health insurance, but the federal healthcare reform law will make coverage easier to get.



Healthcare law 'consumer protections' will hurt millions

San Antonio Express News

January 20, 2011


Supporters of the health law are lamenting how the nickname "ObamaCare" has achieved wider purchase than the law's official title.  ...These supposed consumer protections are hurting millions of Americans by increasing the cost of insurance, increasing the cost of hiring and driving insurers out of business.



Jim Pitts' Sticker-Shock Offensive

Texas Observer

January 19, 2011


... By offering a budget that did not sugar-coat the cuts, Pitts woke up a lot of daydreaming Republicans. Many members of his party have been happy to say that cuts will be painful, but unwilling to consider any sort of relief. Many are against tapping into the Rainy Day Fund, and almost every Republican is vehemently against any sort of new taxes or fees. This budget bill shows the consequences of such policies in the cold light of day.



The no-new-taxes budget that may trigger higher taxes

Austin American-Statesman

January 19, 2011


Leaders of the Texas House seem quite proud of themselves for proposing a state budget that doesn't raise taxes. But don't call it a no-new-taxes plan. At least not yet. The House proposal cuts deeply into existing budgets for public education, higher education and health care. So deeply, in fact, that some local governments are almost certain to try to raise property taxes in order to cope with the cuts from the state.



Cooperation: What a contrast we're seeing

El Paso Times

January 16, 2011


What a stark contrast in official bodies getting along! On Tuesday, City Council told county commissioners to take a hike when it comes to cooperating in the administration of mental- health services in El Paso. Currently, El Paso Mental Health and Mental Retardation is governed by three entities -- the city, the county and the county hospital district. Now, despite appeals from the county and hospital district, the city is bailing.



Mental health safety net needs mending

Sacramento Bee

January 13, 2011


... But from this crime that makes no sense, we need to talk rationally about a mental health system that is profoundly and criminally insane. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer and the people of Arizona ought to be a part of that soul searching, as should we all. Brewer slashed that state's mental health care system. To "save" tax money, Arizona stopped paying for some anti-psychotic medication last year. These drugs can help quiet voices only the patients hear, and ease deep depression that can lead to suicide.





In the U.S. Army, a little mental health screening goes a long way, study finds

Los Angeles Times

January 19, 2011


Screening soldiers for mental health issues before deploying them to Iraq helps reduce psychiatric or behavioral problems by more than three-quarters, according to a study published online Tuesday in the American Journal of Psychiatry.,0,6209928.story



Worsening Depression Raises Death Risk in Heart Failure Patients

January 19, 2011


Jan. 19, 2011 -- Worsening depression in patients with heart failure more than doubles their risk of hospitalization or death, according to a team of researchers from Duke University.



Fewer Cancer Patients May Be Depressed Than Thought

Health Day News

January 20, 2011


The rate of depression among cancer patients may be lower than previously believed, a new study indicates. An international team of researchers analyzed 94 studies involving more than 14,000 patients and found that about one-sixth of cancer patients suffer depression and about one-third have a more widely defined mood disorder.



Girls Who Are Bullied Are at Risk for Substance Use Through Depression

Science Daily News

January 20, 2011


Both boys and girls who are victims of bullying, including bullying through e-mail and the internet, are at elevated risk for depression. However, according to a new study, adolescent girls may engage in substance use as a result of bullying-related depression.



Higher Risk of Suicidal Thoughts for Children of Divorce

Psych Central News

January 20, 2011


New research suggests adult children of divorce are more likely to have seriously considered suicide than their peers from intact families.Investigators examined gender-specific differences among a sample of 6,647 adults, of whom 695 had experienced parental divorce before the age of 18.



Conduct disorder linked to cannabis use in first-episode psychosis patients

Med Wire News

January 20, 2011


"Early cannabis use has consistently been associated with an increased risk for the later development of psychosis [and] studies suggest that conduct disorder is more common amongst young people who later go on to develop psychosis," explain Charlotte Malcolm (King's College London, UK) and team.





Save the Date: Community Forum

Bipolar Foundation of Central Texas

January 20, 2011


The Bipolar Foundation of Central Texas invites the public to attend a free community forum at the George Washington Carver Museum in Austin. The forum will focus on understanding how people with mental illness end up in the wrong systems - jails and prisons, and how to separate a crime from the illness while holding the individual accountable. The foundation asks attendees to bring donations of canned goods and staples for the Austin Area Food Bank. February 17, 2011, 6:00-9:00 p.m.



A Teleconference to Commemorate the First Anniversary of Judi Chamberlin's Passing, and to Celebrate her Legacy

National Empowerment Center

January 2011


January 16, 2011, marked the first anniversary of the passing of Judi Chamberlin, psychiatric survivor leader, author and international disability rights activist. Please join us for a special teleconference to share our thoughts and memories of her, and to discuss the ways in which we are working to keep her vision alive. Marty Federman, Judi's partner, will also be participating. Tuesday, January 25th, 3 - 4 p.m. eastern time. Call in number: 1-877-444-7543 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              1-877-444-7543      end_of_the_skype_highlighting, 1160271441#



Mental illness in children: How to deal


January 15, 2011


TYLER, TX - In the wake of the Tucson tragedy, a new support group here in East Texas is trying to spread the word that help is here for parents of troubled children. The group is called Family for Family, and their mission is to educate and guide parents through the process of getting their children the help they need.



Portland officer shot during a traffic stop now works full time to help the mentally ill

The Oregonian

January 18, 2011


After Portland Officer Christopher Burley was shot during a traffic stop last May, the gang enforcement officer didn't express anger toward the gunman, Keaton Otis. Instead, he said he felt the community had let Otis down. Since then, Burley has developed a relationship with Otis' mother, Felesia Otis, who said she hoped her 25-year-old son's fatal shooting by police would spur reforms in the mental health system. She shared her agonizing struggle to find help for her son's mental illness.



First Person: Mental Health Woes from Anorexia Complicated Pregnancies

Yahoo! News

January 19, 2011


I come from a family with a rich history of mental health struggles. Some have very serious psychiatric disorders not discovered until adulthood due to lapses in the health care system. They would be continually treated for one thing or another, which were only symptoms, only to discover much later the true underlying cause.


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