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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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GRACE Weekly Newsletter for Thursday, September 30th!
Amazing Grace

October, 2010

The Amazing GRACE Weekly Newsletter
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In This Issue
Prayer Requests
New Bicycle Helps Propel Client To New Job
Supporter Helps Locate Source For Clothing Room Stock
Ken Thompson Given A "Lone Star Salute!"
New Senior Program Nearing Kickoff
Nordstrom Group Helps Out at Donation Station
Program Needs
GRACE Food Pantry
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Wednesday - 9/29
  • James Bowman
  • Craig Comstock
  • Sharon Katz

  • Thursday - 9/30
  • None

  • Friday - 10/1
  • John Ewing
  • Judy Hund
  • Conor Irwin
  • Bryan Kirk
  • Raquel Sauer
  • Sabrina McGregor
  • Jan Smith

  • Saturday - 10/2
  • Greg Crawford
  • Donna Ducey
  • Robert Ralston

    Sunday - 10/3
  • Deb Sagert

  • Monday - 10/4
  • Gaurang Gupte
  • Terry McCord
  • Pamela Rizo
  • Judy Suarez
  • Carol Tummarello

  • Tuesday - 10/5
  • Beverly Figueroa

  • Wednesday - 10/6
  • None
    Prayer Requests

  • Sue Hill & Family
  • Jan & Ray Smith
  • Mary Bowman

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    New Bicycle Helps Propel Client To New Job
    GRACE Caseworker, Cindy Gayle and Jose
    Caseworker Cindy Gayle and Jose with his new bicycle.
    While the economy seems stuck somewhere between recession and recovery, job loss remains a fact of life for GRACE clients. Take Jose for example, he had held a job at a major retail chain for some time. With the holiday season ramp up just around the corner, Jose felt sure that he'd remain employed at least into the new year. The job was close enough to home that Jose could walk to work, which made it both convenient and tenuous. Then, at the end of August, the news came that the company was laying off a number of local workers including Jose.
    With a budget already stretched incredibly thin and prospects for another job within walking distance even thinner, Jose turned to GRACE for help. A visit to the GRACE Food Pantry was scheduled and we were able to provide Jose with a new bicycle. The bike allowed him to increase the range of his search for a new job and paid off when he secured a new job just over two weeks ago.
    Jose asked us to convey his appreciation for the assistance he was able to receive. He is so thankful that he will not have to walk to his new job!
    Congratulations on the new job, Jose!
    Supporter Helps Locate Source For Clothing Room Stock
    After seeing the ever present request for boy's underwear on the Amazing GRACE Weekly newsletter week after week, GRACE supporter Tammy Nicodemus just had to ask the question. "How many packages, or pairs, of underwear would it take to get it off the list for one week?", she wrote in an email. After posing the question to Dina Pesina of the GRACE Clothing Room, we arrived at an answer...350! 
    During the clothing room's busy season, which is coming up, we will distribute 150 children's clothing packets per week. Each packet will contain 5 pair of undies. About 54% of our children are boys, so we will give out approximately 350 pairs of boys underwear in various sizes in a week.
    Since underwear is one of the items we distribute that must be "new", our only sources for them are to purchase them ourselves or count on folks to donate them. For some reason, we receive as much as three times as many donations of girls' underwear. We're not sure why.
    Then, Tammy had the idea to look for a wholesale source from which GRACE could purchase to perhaps bring down the cost and help cash donations go further. After a little research, she has identified a company through which Hanes distributes their merchandise and it appears that GRACE will be able to take advantage of this wholesale opportunity.
    So, we'd like to thank Tammy for not only finding this wholesale opportunity, but it turns out that she also requested that her recent birthday party attendees bring boy's underwear instead of presents! Through her party, they collected nearly 25 packages of "Birthday Underwear" as they came to be known.
    We'd also like to encourage others to consider if the business that they are in might have opportunities for GRACE to access items or services at discounted or wholesale rates. If you come up with an idea or you'd like more information or ideas, please click here to let us know. 
    Ken Thompson Given A "Lone Star Salute!"
    Ken Thompson
    Ken Thompson of The Thompson Group at Classic Chevrolet
    Ken Thompson, the founder of The Thompson Group at Classic Chevrolet was recognized for his outstanding contributions to the community at the 2010 Lone Star Salute! put on by the folks at the Volunteer Center of North Texas.
    Mr. Thompson's generosity is underscored by his 5-year commitment as the title sponsor of the GRACE Gala, but it extends to many other civic organization in the area, as well. Please join us in thanking Ken for all that he does in this community! 
    New Senior Program Nearing Kickoff
    GRACE Friends & FamilyThe new GRACE Seniors Program "Friends & Family" is getting set to kickoff soon and volunteers are still needed to help the 25 seniors in the pilot program. The new program will build upon our commodities delivery program by connecting volunteers with senior clients to help get them to and from medical appointments, schedule visitation times to prevent the clients from feeling isolated and to help volunteers get a sense of their overall well being of the seniors.
    Those interested in volunteering in the new program are encouraged to contact GRACE Volunteer Manager, Jan Smith at for more information and to register for one of the upcoming orientation sessions.
    Nordstrom Group Helps Out at Donation Station
    A group from Nordstrom helps at the GRACE Donation StationAs part of their United Way Day of Caring, 33 employees from Nordstrom volunteered to spend this past Monday helping out down at Donation Station. The group helped sort incoming donations and helped get the vendor trailers straightened up and cleaned out.
    Donation Station Manager, Kathy Mize and the rest of the staff would like to express their appreciation to the group for all of their hard work. It's wonderful to have access to groups of people who are willing to commit time to help in their community. Thank you Nordstrom!
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