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Monday, January 22, 2018

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i-fund News: Suspend appeals after receiving a gift?

September, 2010

Amergent I-Fund

Suspend appeals after receiving a gift?

By Jack Doyle

We recently had a webinar attendee ask, “Should you suspend subsequent appeals immediately after receiving a gift?”

The attendee asked in regards to an online gift, but the question addresses a bigger issue.
You want to be donor-focused when it comes to giving preferences, as well as fundraise effectively, so what are your choices after you've received a gift?

You might be surprised by how much your donors are willing to do and how many really do enjoy giving as often as they can. My take away is this: let the donor be the judge of what’s best for their individual giving choices.

Case Study

  • We looked at three groups of new donors acquired 3 years ago (2008)
  • We grouped them by their initial gift ($10-$24; $25-$49 and $50-$99)
  • We measured time-between their 1st and 2nd gifts
  • We measured time-between their most recent gifts

Here we’re looking at new donors acquired with an initial gift between $10-$24 in 2008. Based on the time it took for them to make their 2nd gift… we see a direct correlation to how much overall income they generated in this 3-year timetable.

$10-$24 New donors
(Click image to see larger image)

The chart on the left (blue columns) is the current value of the new donors from 2008 who started giving in the $10-$24 range – based on how much time elapsed before they made their 2nd gift.

The chart on the right (green columns) represents the current value of donors based on the time between their two most recent gifts.

As you can see, the modest $10 new donors who become important annual givers can be worth quite a lot of money in a short period of time if allowed to give as often as they wish. This trend suggests a robust acknowledgment program and regular communications work for them.

Was this an anomaly? Let’s look at the next two groups of donors...

Here are the current donor-values of 3-Year $25-$49 New Donors:

$25-$49 New Donors
(Click image to see larger image)

The better-valued donors (green columns) have chosen to give back-to-back gifts in a fairly short window of time… within 30 or 60 or 100 days.

Here are the current donor-values of 3-Year $50-$99 New Donors:

$50-$99 New Donors
(Click image to see larger image)

Look at the difference in donor value for donors who do give again within 100 days of their last gift ($300-$500) versus those who give only once per year ($177; those with 331-390 days between gifts).

It’s 2:1 in favor of donors willing to re-up and give regularly.

Now imagine if you never gave your donors the chance to give again within 100 days… how does that help your overall objectives of donor satisfaction and raising the most funds for your organization?

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