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Monday, January 22, 2018

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Hogg Communications on Mental Health
Hogg Foundation for Mental Health

February, 2010

Today’s Clips – February 19, 2010


This summary of recent news and research articles on mental health topics was prepared as a public service by the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health. Stories from other media sources do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of the foundation and its staff.


To subscribe to this service or to change your subscription, please contact Media sites may require a one-time free registration and academic and science journal sites may require a paid subscription to access articles.





Data App: Day Care Danger

Texas Tribune

February 19, 2010


More than 120 federally subsidized day care centers had their licenses denied or revoked by the state for violations of regulations and minimum standards in the last two years, according to a Texas Tribune analysis. Our latest data application maps these locations and allows users to drill down into the records by the provider name, location or action taken by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.



Witnesses feel effects of trauma; Anxiety, other symptoms linger after disaster

Austin American-Statesman

February 19, 2010


Sunny Zunker saw it all: the single-engine Piper Cherokee hitting the building; the second of silence followed by the roaring ball of flames and thick plume of smoke; the bits of metal and debris wafting around her car, which she had stopped in the middle of U.S. 183. … With every disaster comes trauma. Whether it's momentary shock or long-term anxiety, mental health professionals say many people struggle with emotional and physical problems after traumatic events.



Seton offering free session for people traumatized by plane crash

Austin American-Statesman

February 18, 2010


Seton Shoal Creek Hospital is offering free help to people who need personal support or feel traumatized by the incident in which a man deliberately crashed his plane into an Austin building Thursday. The “trauma debriefing” sessions are being offered as a community service for anyone who was affected by the crash, according to the Seton Family of Hospitals. A licensed clinical social worker will lead the sessions at Seton Shoal Creek, a psychiatric hospital.



New incentive helps Texans facing a decision over long-term care

Fort Worth Star Telegram

February 18, 2010


Texas is campaigning to get residents to buy long-term-care insurance, and it's sweetening the pot by allowing consumers to qualify for state assistance while keeping more of their life savings. The new Texas Long-Term Care Partnership addresses a difficult decision Texans face when they or a spouse need to move into a nursing home: State rules severely limit the assets a household can own to qualify for Medicaid, the federal-state health program for the poor that pays for two-thirds of Texans in nursing homes today.



Waco VA Regional Office adds 100 jobs to speed up claims process


February 19, 2010


The Waco Veterans Affairs Regional Office will soon add 100 new employees to expedite benefits claims processing to reduce back-logged claims.  … Pending claims totaled 18,647 at the end of the 2009 fiscal year. A backlog of 3,731 — 20 percent — had been pending for 125 days or longer.



Beaumont psychiatrist disciplined

Beaumont Enterprise

February 18, 2010


The Texas Medical Board announced this week it took action against Beaumont psychiatrist Edward Brown Gripon who frequently is used as an expert witness in court cases in Southeast Texas. On Feb. 1, the Texas Medical Board disciplined Gripon for failing to maintain adequate medical records and failing to prescribe controlled substances in a manner consistent with public health and welfare in patients with a psychiatric disorder as well as chronic pain.





Prescriptions for Psychiatric Trouble

Wall Street Journal

February 19, 2010


Last week, the American Psychiatric Association unveiled the much-awaited blueprint for the next edition of its official handbook of diagnoses, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fifth edition, or DSM V…The problem is that the changes don't really advance psychiatry. Worse, some are prescriptions for trouble. One of the most controversial is the creation of a diagnosis called "psychosis risk syndrome." Granted, the motivation is laudable: to identify adolescents or young adults at risk for developing serious mental illnesses marked by hallucinations and delusions. What doctor wouldn't want to intervene early to ward off an affliction like schizophrenia? But a diagnosis believed to foreshadow a full-blown psychotic illness has the potential to be highly stigmatizing.



Sebelius Unveils New Report on Requested Premium Increases in States Across the Country

U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services

February 18, 2010


U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius today unveiled a new report, Insurance Companies Prosper, Families Suffer: Our Broken Health Insurance System. The report highlights health insurance premium increases in states across the country and comes shortly after Anthem Blue Cross announced plans to raise rates on its California customers by as much as 39 percent, even after its parent company took in a profit of $2.7 billion in the previous quarter.


Link to report:



Community Health Centers Providing Return On Investment

Kaiser Health News

February 17, 2010


A hefty infusion of cash for community health centers in last year's federal stimulus package may be paying off. A new study, released Tuesday, just before the first anniversary of the stimulus package becoming law, found that $1.85 billion the federal government gave to clinics under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 has generated $3.2 billion in economic activity.



Court rulings give workers with SAD something to smile about

Chicago Tribune

February 18, 2010


Since she was hired two years ago as a suburban medical assistant, Jennifer Simonsis has come to an agreement with her employer: During the winter, she is given time off to see her doctor, frequent breaks and help in setting up a light-therapy lamp at her desk. Joining a controversial trend, Simonsis sought workplace accommodations for seasonal affective disorder, or SAD — depression triggered by limited daylight in winter. Pointing to a federal law that prohibits employers from discriminating against the disabled, some SAD sufferers say they are entitled to schedule changes, access to windows and other modifications. Recent legal rulings are prompting human resources experts to warn about the need to take the depression seriously.,0,6513436.story



Lawyer: Prof. accused in slayings likely insane

Houston Chronicle

February 19, 2010


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (AP) — The lawyer for an Alabama college professor accused of killing three colleagues during a faculty meeting said Thursday he believes the teacher is insane, and that she says she can't remember the shootings. Amy Bishop, who has a doctorate from Harvard University and has taught at the University of Alabama in Huntsville since 2003, has severe mental problems that appear to be paranoid schizophrenia, said Roy W. Miller, her court-appointed attorney.





Low-income urban mothers have high rate of postpartum depression

Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News

February 18, 2010


More than half of low-income urban mothers met the criteria for a diagnosis of depression at some point between two weeks and 14 months after giving birth, according to a study led by University of Rochester Medical Center researchers and published online by the journal Pediatrics.



Lithium may reduce dementia rate in bipolar disorder

MedWire News (Bipolar Disord)

February 19, 2010


Bipolar disorder patients treated with lithium appear to have a reduced rate of dementia compared with patients who receive anticonvulsants, antidepressants, or antipsychotics, the results of a Danish study indicate.



Brain activation altered in schizophrenia during working memory tasks

MedWire News (Schizophr Res) 

February 19, 2010


Blood oxygenation analyses reveal brain areas with inverted U-shaped activation curves in schizophrenia patients that are not present in healthy individuals and point to widespread neural inefficiency in working memory, say US scientists.





Mental Health, Naturally-first-of-its-kind, Comprehensive Guide To Nonprescription Therapies For Mental And Physical Well-being

Medical News Today

February 18, 2010


Many parents wonder how to handle a child who has been diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety or depression - or even one who is struggling with day-to-day stress. In her new book, Mental Health, Naturally: The Family Guide to HolisticCare for a Healthy Mind and Body (American Academy of Pediatrics, March 2010), pediatrician and holistic medicine expert Kathi J. Kemper, MD, MPH, FAAP, provides practical guidance to those who seek natural methods of treatment.



Swansea's darkest hours told in history DVD

BBC News

February 19, 2010


A collaboration between Swansea Museum and Create Solutions, a local project which works to turn around the career prospects of people dealing with mental health issues, has produced a documentary. Andrew Steele, who is overcoming feelings of anxiety and depression, was the lead producer of Three Nights Blitz of February 1941 and says it's played a major part in his ongoing recovery.



National Service Agency Requests Applications for Social Innovation Fund Competition; $50 Million Available for Organizations to Invest in Effective Nonprofits Working in Low-Income Communities

Corporation for National and Community Service

February 16, 2010


Washington, DC—The Corporation for National and Community Service today released a Notice of Federal Funds Availability (NOFA) for the newly-created Social Innovation Fund (SIF). Applications are due by April 8, 2010, 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time. … Instead of granting directly to nonprofit community organizations, like most Federal grant programs, the SIF channels funding through a network of “intermediary” organizations. These intermediary organizations – existing grantmaking institutions or partnerships – will host competitions within six months of the award to identify and fund nonprofit community organizations (subgrantees) with evidence of impact and effectiveness.



February 21-27, 2010, is National Eating Disorders Awareness Week

February 18, 2010


According to the Office on Women's Health in the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), eating disorders are complex, chronic illnesses largely misunderstood and misdiagnosed. The most common eating disorders, anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating are on the rise in the United States and worldwide. No one knows exactly what causes eating disorders. To learn more, please visit the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) web page on eating disorders. You may also wish to access the Parent Toolkit from the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA). The toolkit is a resource for anyone wanting to understand more about eating disorders and how to support a family member or friend who is affected.



Explore UT 2010 opens university's doors to all

The University of Texas at Austin

February 19, 2010


On Saturday, March 6, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Texans of all ages are invited to Explore UT, "the biggest open house in Texas."  Explore UT is a day when the doors of the University of Texas at Austin open wide to the people of Texas. More than 400 activities across campus allow visitors to experience firsthand the vast world of discovery that is a part of daily life at the university. Explore UT is free. It is open to everyone and there is no registration for activities. It is a perfect opportunity for families with children and for explorers of all ages to take an inside look at the university and to interact with students, faculty and staff. For a complete schedule of activities, visit the Explore UT Web site.





“The Current Role of Foundations in Advancing Social Change”

William Wayne Justice Center for Public Interest Law

February 18, 2010


The William Wayne Justice Center for Public Interest Law presents Kathryn S. Fuller, the G. Rollie White Public Interest Scholar in Residence. Fuller is chair of the Board of Trustees for the Ford Foundation and former president and CEO of the World Wildlife Fund. Presentation on March 8, 3:30 – 4:30 p.m. in the Sheffield Room, The University of Texas School of Law, 727 East Dean Keeton Street, Austin.


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