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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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Shumla School Newsletter
Shumla School

February, 2010

February 15, 2010
Volume 2, No. 2

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New York City native Carol Garner is a Friend of SHUMLA. She is also a member of ARARA (the American Rock Art Research Association), a rock art enthusiast and, as an avid quilter, supports both organizations in a very unique way – by stitching beautiful, handmade, one of a kind quilts for auction items.  The quilt she has made to be auctioned off at ARARA’s annual meeting in Del Rio, March 26 – 29 is a real stunner.
“My eureka moment came in the bathtub, appropriately enough," said Garner.  I had helped to put together the ARARA auction in Bakersfield, and Evelyn Billo and I were having an email conversation about fund raising.  The big question to me is always, "What do people want?  What would they bid on?"
“At first I was thinking about autographed books, but having worked on several quilts for fund raisers dating back to my children's time in elementary school, I suddenly thought, "Why not an autographed quilt?"  In my years as a rock art enthusiast, I've met a number of well known archeologists, and I thought it would be fun to Email them and see if I could get each to do a sketch of a rock art figure they had a particular affection for, sign and date it, and send it back for quilting,” said Garner.
So they began sending emails. And the response was enthusiastic. “Soon I was cutting out muslin squares and packaging them with fabric markers and instructions. As the squares came back to me, I was bowled over by the quality and variety of the images. After I began sashing them, my husband told me he was afraid to be alone in the room with the quilt, for fear he would accidentally damage the equivalent of the Mona Lisa!”

“Now that it is nearly finished, as I quilt around the squares drawn by such luminaries as Jean Clottes, Polly Schaafsma, Georgia Lee, Tilman Lenssen-Erz, Jim Keyser, Jo McDonald, Carolyn Boyd and many many other talented ARARA members, I'm filled with something of the same feeling myself.  It's going to be very hard to let the quilt go, although I am excited to be able to offer it for auction to benefit ARARA. I've had a wonderful time collecting and admiring the squares individually, and together they make a heart stopping display of the range of world rock art and the devotion of its admirers. The Rock Art Gallery Quilt is always going to be one of my favorite accomplishments!” 

You can bid on this remarkable quilt at You can also see it on SHUMLA’s facebook page
Carol has shared her time, talent and treasure with SHUMLA as well, stitching a gorgeous quilt for last year’s auction at the Pecos Experience. She has a surprise in store for attendees at Pecos Experience 2010 which we will unveil in a future Friends of SHUMLA column.  

Friends of SHUMLA is made up of special folks like Carol Garner who share a passion for rock art and support SHUMLA’s goals and objectives.  If you’d like to share your time, talent and treasure with SHUMLA in your own unique way, please email me at  To become a member of SHUMLA see our membership page at

Linda Gorski
Friends of SHUMLA Chair

Carol Garner just finished stitching the Rock Art Gallery quilt (affectionately known as the RAG) for the ARARA annual meeting auction.

SHUMLA School educators Val Varner and Missy Harrington have been spending a lot of time in Del Rio classrooms lately serving as “coaches” for fourth and fifth grade science teachers. 

Shumla educator Val Varner coaching in a 4th grade classroom

Thanks to funding from the San Felipe Del Rio Consolidated Independent School District (SFDR-CISD) Varner and Harrington are helping teachers become more familiar with hands-on educational techniques. SHUMLA educators work collaboratively with SFDR-CISD Department of Instruction Curriculum coordinators for elementary science.

“The goal for the Teacher Training and Staff Development program provided by SHUMLA is to give teachers the necessary techniques and skills to actively engage students in the learning process, effectively manage student behavior, and implement interactive hands-on lessons”, said Varner. 

Trainings are held in the classrooms and science labs.  SHUMLA staff model, coach, and critique the hands-on lesson planning and implementation for each teacher.  SHUMLA coaches enhance the lessons by including materials and activities aimed at connecting the students to the cultural heritage and environment of the Lower Pecos region.
These hands-on instruction techniques will be put to good use when 4th grade students from the district travel to the SHUMLA campus, 50 miles west of Del Rio where they will become Scientists of the Lower Pecos.  They will spend the day participating  in an educational program called KEY 4 which will be led by SHUMLA instructors and KEY trained teachers.
The SHUMLA KEY Project (“Knowledge Enriching Youth”) is a far-reaching series of educational programs designed by SHUMLA for students of the SFDR-CISD school system involving the delivery of hands-on educational services designated KEY 4 (for 4th graders) and KEY 5 (for 5th graders).  

A KEY 4 Program is a single one-day program (session) from 9 am to 3 pm delivered at the SHUMLA campus specifically for the 4th graders enrolled in a designated elementary school of the SFDR-CISD.  In the 2008-2009 school year, SHUMLA served 746 fourth graders from the SFDR-CISD school system. 

This year the estimated number of 4th graders participating in the KEY program is 800.  Indeed, SHUMLA has already conducted 8  programs, and 5 more are scheduled for the 2010 spring term.

All activities teach science within the framework of environmental and heritage education. For example, students conduct an experiment replicating prehistoric paint making during which they learn about the scientific method, hypothesis formulation, and reporting conclusions.

Through activities that explore how their ancestors started fire using friction, students learn about kinetic, potential, and thermal energy and the transfer of energy (Friction Fire Station). Students experience the way science works by actively engaging in lessons discovering: the effects of wind and water erosion (Geology station), understanding the laws of motion and velocity by using an ancient 'simple machine' (Atlatl station), and making observations and discoveries of the use of native plants (Plant adaptation station).

Students at the Friction Fire Station
"We are delighted that the SFDR-CISD, recognizing the positive impact the KEY program has had on academic performance in the past, put both the teacher training and KEY program into their 2009-2010 budget,” said  Carolyn Boyd, Executive Director of SHUMLA.  “This  training enables the classroom teacher to join in the instruction in the field, promoting familiarity for the students and translating lessons learned at SHUMLA into objectives that can be modified for classroom use for the teachers.”

Volunteers are needed to assist instructors and teachers at the various learning stations at the KEY 4 program as well as other types of activities.  If you’d like to volunteer to help with this program please contact  Jennifer  Ramage at or phone 432-292-4848.


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