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Monday, January 22, 2018

TXNP strengthens Texas communities by providing up-to-date data and other resources and support via the Internet to help build stronger and bigger nonprofits that can perform and operate professionally, efficiently, and with greater accountability; TXNP also strives to facilitate and encourage connections between charitable causes and potential contributors.

When was TXNP founded?
Texasnonprofits® began collecting information in the Spring of 2000 from a large community of Texas nonprofits, philanthropists, and foundations to create a Web site for the state's nonprofit community. The first generation site was launched in April 2001; and the second, more dynamic data base driven site was launched in February 2003. A third version of the site debuted in 2005. In October 2006, a new and improved site with expanded services debuted.

In May 2007, a new Detailed Grants database was introduced to simplify the fundraising process and save time. The fall of 2009 brought a newer, easier to interact website, the fifth generation of which will enhance the search process and debut even more helpful data.

Why was it founded?

Jacqueline Beretta saw gaps in the marketplace - a technology gap and a gap between donors and charitable causes. TXNP was designed to fill the gap, deliver current and up to date resource tools in a fast and efficient way, and make valuable connections between donors and nonprofits.

There was a time where we fell into the trap of give a man a fish and feed him for a day versus teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime. So we chose to change our model to teaching people how to fish, but we saw the opportunity to use technology to help nonprofits learn how to fish better. Basic and Premium Members of TexasNonprofits benefit from being part of the TXNP family.

Beretta also wanted to create a community of shared values where people could tell success stories and build relationships that lead to greater participation and transformation. Every day we take small steps to solve big problems. And every day we believe in sharing positive news about the good works in Texas.

In February 2007 TXNP hosted it's first event titled The "State" of Education in Texas. About 200 educators, funders, corporations, and concerned citizens gathered to hear Dr. Mike Moses, Dr. Bill Reaves, Dr. Steve Murdock, and Valleau Wilke speak on current trends and needs in education in Texas. On February 7, 2008, the event was called Learning About Learning and the theme was "Who owns the Challenge of Keeping Our Children in School" and featured Tom Luce, Dr. Donald McAdams, Dr. John Martin, Dr. N. Gerry House of New York, Dr. Ricardo Romo, Dr. Tracy Huebner of San Francisco, Gillian Williams of New York, John Fitzpatrick, John Montford, Nancy Reed, and Wenceslao Rodriguez.

In November, 2008 and January 2009 TXNP designed two events especially for the MR and Evelyn Hudson Foundation in Keller addressing zero to five education for the DFW/FW metroplex, featuring Dr. Bruce Perry, Gillian Williams, Dr. Ruby Payne, Ron Clark, and Dr. T. Berry Brazelton.

How does TXNP measure it growth?

We measure our success and growth by number of interactions that take place within and because of our database. The more grant searches that are taking place the more likely people are out there requesting valid grants. The more event calendar listings that are entered and searched, the more likely people are attending nonprofit functions that support the community. The more nonprofits read and apply the lessons we teach in our articles, the more free education they are receiving to do business in a more effective way.

Every time activity on our site increases, there is a positive benefit to the nonprofit community taking place. The same goes for in-kind donations, volunteers and RFPs. In August 2004 we first enjoyed over 1,000,000 hits. Today we are ranked in the top 400,000 sites in the world, and the top 100,000 sites in the USA. This is an amazing accomplishment for a regional website addressing the needs of Texas.

TXNP has a combined readership of individuals, foundations, nonprofits, corporations, and buisness professionals from all over the world.

How does it benefit nonprofits?

TXNP wants to help nonprofits access more resources in more efficient ways. TXNP connects them to potential donors, volunteers, job seekers, in-kind donations that might be available. TXNP also publicizes their events and their unique stories drawing attention to the contribution they are making in their respective communities and in so doing, help them find more supporters.

Great innovation and creativity comes from both large and small nonprofits – we are trying to give them both a hand up by furnishing critical information to help them in their process. The ability to access the free areas of our site are of huge benefit to our nonprofit community.

How does it benefit foundations?

TXNP has a unique connection with foundations in the state. TXNP helps foundations receive more appropriate grant requests. It publicizes their unique contributions to the community by publishing their success stories.

TXNP provides the resources that foundations need to be successful in their process. We provide a list of all 501 c 3 charitable entities in Texas so that Foundations can verify legitimacy. We also provide information on the other foundations that are interested in the same areas so that collaborative efforts may be formed.

Understanding the unique wishes of the founders, as well as the current goals of the foundations is all relevant to understand donors wishes and missions.
TXNP has translated many complex requirements into a systematic and understandable process that can more easily be followed by nonprofits. The foundation profiles are updated often signaling to the nonprofit community current funding patterns and priorities, so that if a foundation changes course and is temporarily not funding, TXNP can release that information. This saves both the foundation and nonprofits huge amounts of time and dollars.

How does TXNP benefit corporations?

Business must be more than just a return on investment – they must be sensitive to the environment and communities they serve. Corporations must be civically engaged in the communities they serve and recognize the value of social responsibility. Corporate giving is often highly fragmented and difficult to understand. TXNP has begun an effort to rationalize the process similar to the way we rationalized the foundation process.

Goodwill is priceless corporations need to be recognized for the good works they contribute to our communities. Many times corporations have volunteer and mentorship efforts that are active in various communities – it is beneficial for the nonprofits to know about these efforts.

Please Join TXNP today to help support the tens of thousands of nonprofits who serve our state.

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